This program enables you to write annotation in Help and third-party help systems. When we do programming, we often use Emacs help system (ie. describe-function). Do you want to take a note in the Help buffer and want Emacs to show your note later? In other words, integration of Emacs help and your memo!

Annotation files are stored below ~/memo/umemo by default. Its subdirectories are categories. And their subdirectories are entry annotation files. Because annotation files are read in each case, you can generate annotation files automatically.

Supported help systems:

slime-documentation (slime.el)
slime-describe-symbol (slime.el)
slime-describe-function (slime.el)
ri (ri-ruby.el)
lh-refe (langhelp / ReFe)

usage-memo is general-purpose: it is easy to support other help systems.

If you support other help systems, add ‘define-usage-memo’ sexps in .emacs or redefine ‘umemo-initialize’.



This looks great, new user here ;). Just one question: I think it would be useful, if this functionality could be extended to info pages. I have no insight into the interna of help and info, it could be very simple or just impossible. … So I just have to ask ;). – Memnon Anon

Sorry, it is impossible for now, because help-mode does not use printable chars for input, but info-mode uses them for navigation. Thank you for your feedback :). – rubikitchCategoryHelp