If you just want to read

If you expect that your visits here will be only for reading, welcome!

If you want to edit pages

You can edit pages without any further ado. You’re not required to “register” anywhere. If you want, you can set a username for yourself. It is entirely up to you. Your username is not “secure.” Anybody can use the same name as you do. We believe in MeatBall:SoftSecurity.

On the edit page, you will find a field for your username. Just use your first and last name, eg. “Alex Schroeder” – if you have a nickname that you often use on IRC or elsewhere online, you can put it on your page using square brackets and two colons like this: [::kensanata]. Then you’ll be able to link to your page using either name – both Alex Schroeder and kensanata will work.

The username will be used to tag any edits you make on RecentChanges. Note that even if you do have a username, your IP will be logged – and be visible to others. If you want to keep it a secret, you need to use a network anonymizer like TheOnionRouter (Tor).

Cookies are specific to the machine and browser you are using, thus the cookie will be lost as soon as you use another browser or as soon as you connect from another machine.

If you don’t want to provide a username, use Anonymous.

You might want to add your username to CategoryHomepage.

If you want Bling

You might want a button to put on your blog or other website.

See EmacsWikiBling.