VC-Jump provides vc-jump, which jumps to the VersionControl status buffer if detected.


`M-x vc-jump’ jumps to corresponding VC status buffer.

If you’re familiar with `M-x dired-jump’ (or C-x C-j), you might already knew what `M-x vc-jump’ goes.

For example, if you are visiting a file controlled by CVS, `M-x vc-jump’ will launch `cvs-update’ automatically. If the *cvs* buffer (resulting from `cvs-update’) already exists, it just switch to *cvs*, and refresh it.

Likewise, if you are visiting a file controlled by GIT, `M-x vc-jump’ will launch `git-update’.

Currently, supported VC backends are CVS, SVN, and GIT.

It is tested on GNU Emacs 23.2.1, git.el from git, psvn.el from subversion 1.6.13 on Gentoo Linux system.


Download vc-jump.el and place it any directory in `load-path’.

In your ~/.emacs,

    (require 'vc-jump)
    (global-set-key [f12] 'vc-jump)    ; for your convenience

I’ll be embarassed if this feature is already provided by Emacs. Let me know if that is the case. – CinSK

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