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This table does not cover basic commands like character motion

transpose characters xp‘C-t’
transpose words dwwp‘M-t’
indent >>‘C-x TAB’
search /pat‘C-s’
substitute :%s/pat/subs`M-%’ or `C-M-%
substitute variables :s/pat/\1 \2‘M-x replace-regexp’, then \1 \2
search word/identifier /\<word\>‘C-s M-e C-w’
delete lines :g/pat/d‘M-x flush-lines’
zap-to cf‘M-z’
set line numbers :se nusee LineNumbers
show tabs and newlines :se listsee ShowWhiteSpace
change file formats :se ff=unix/dos‘C-x RET f’ (TAB to choose)
shell command :! command`M-! command
matching ({[%‘C-M-f/b’
filename on bottom line %see code below
sort lines n!!sort‘M-x sort-lines’
2-way pipe n!! cmd`C-u M-| cmd’, see also ExecuteExternalCommand
search word/identifier under cursor *‘C-s C-w’, then ‘C-s’
repeat last command .see RepeatingCommandsLikeVi
set file-local variables :h modeline see FileLocalVariables, LocalVariables

In vi, % in the ‘:’ line gets substituted by the file name. This code does the same. It gets invoked by M-x M-! M-: and maybe others

(define-key minibuffer-local-map "%"
   (lambda ()
     (insert (file-name-nondirectory 
	       (window-buffer (minibuffer-selected-window))))))))

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