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VisEmacs is a VisualStudio add-on that allows Emacs to be integrated as the default text editor. It will be used instead of the Visual Studio built-in editor when you double-click on a file or press F4 after compiling (it will go to the proper line in the emacs buffer). A note: because the Visual Studio editor is not used, reverting buffers does not have to happen, as emacs is always used (which enables auto-save recovery features lost with auto-revert-mode).

This project is also on SourceForge:

VC 7 (Visual Studio .NET)

VisEmacs doesn’t work on VC 7 yet - here’s an interim solution:

> From: peter_t_yu 
> Sent: 04 September 2003 9:32 AM
> To:
> Subject: [visemacs] Re: vs7 / .net
> I found a way to invoke NTEmacs from VC++ 7.0. Try the following :
> In MS VC++ 7.0 IDE,
> 1. Select Tools->External Tools menu item to open the External Tools 
> dialog.
> 2. Click on the Add button to add a new external tool.
> 3. Rename the new ext. tool to whatever you want. I renamed it to 
> Emacs.
> 4. Specify <your\path\to>\runemacs.exe as the command to run. You can 
> also open the file browser by clicking on the ellipses (...) button 
> next to the Command text field and browse to runemacs.exe.
> 5. For arguments, enter '-load "C:\Documents and Settings\YuP\.emacs" 
> +$(CurLine) $(ItemPath)' without the single quotes. The double quotes 
> surrounding the path to InitFile is needed due to the spaces in 
> the path 
> to InitFile. Just replace the above InitFile path with your own.
> At this point you can choose Tools->Emacs menu item to open NTEmacs 
> with the current file opened in VC++ 7 and have it jump to 
> the current 
> line in the file.
> For added convenience, I've assigned Ctrl-X,Ctrl-F key stroke as the 
> shortcut to Tools->Emacs menu item. You can do this using 
> Tools->Options menu. Just assign your preferred key stroke for the 
> "Tools.ExternalToolsX" command - X being the position of Emacs in the 
> list of external commands. Mine happened to be 7.
> Well, it doesn't replace the VC++ 7 editor like VisEmacs can so you 
> will always have VC++ 7 editor open at the same time. If this doesn't 
> bother you, you may like this approach.
> Hope this helps.