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visual-regexp for Emacs is like replace-regexp (or query-replace-regexp), but with live visual feedback directly in the buffer.

While constructing the regexp in the minibuffer, you get live visual feedback for the matches, including group matches:


While constructing the replacement in the minibuffer, you get live visual feedback for the replacements: VisualRegexpReplace


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This is an extension to visual-regexp which lets you use an external, modern regexp engine for searching and replacing. The package comes with an interface to Python’s regexp engine and pcre2el-support out of the box.

Note the absence of escape characters in the search string: VisualRegexpSteroidsSearch

Besides having a nicer regexp syntax, you can also use Python expressions for replacements, as seen in the following example: VisualRegexpSteroidsExpression

The package can also be used to power isearch-forward-regexp and isearch-backward-regexp with a modern regexp engine. See the project page for details.

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