A vocabulary tester by CyprianLaskowski. Once you provide it with a vocab list, it will test you on it until you know your stuff.

You can get it here:


You can’t anymore … and the only version on the net is 0.2 but i am very sure there must be a version 0.5 as i have still some fragments of it here. Can somebody provide it? -MarioDomgoergen


After many months of virtual inactivity, due to a combination of prolonged backpacking in Greece, procrastination and dissatisfaction with the current state of vocab-test.el, I’ve finally got off my ass (at least a bit), and have started working on it again, with the help of OliverScholz and MarioDomgoergen.

Initially, I thought this would just involve some changes and improvements, but it quickly became clear that the changes would be on a pretty massive scale, and that in the end the new program will be more of an improved alternative/replacement to vocab-test.el (likely called VTE: Vocabulary Tester for Emacs) rather than a new version of the latter.

The key differences between the current vocab-test.el and the intended future vte.el are that vte.el will:

- use widgets for the tests (this would be especially useful for languages where you have to, in principle, learn several forms of a word to be happy)

- use XML datafiles, using a simple but flexible DTD; I would like to make this “plug-in” to the rest of VTE, so that it would be easy for people to use public datafiles with certain formats off the Internet, or just use their own formats, as long as they provide (or somehow convince me to provide!) the appropriate pre-specified set of interface functions. Asides from the fact that this would be “nice”, datafile format is the one issue that has spawned the most plentiful and diverse feedback.

- use widgets for datafile browsing and editing (of course, people could edit the datafiles manually)

- addition of useful customization features

- removal of useless customization features :)

Anyway, for old, yet-to-be-cleaned-up ideas about vocab-test.el, see VocabTestDiscussion.

To read or contribute to the direction or development of VTE, see the yet-to-be-created VteDiscussion.