Information Specific to Emacs23

For a while, there were problems reported about using emacs-w3m in emacs version 23, but as of 2007-05-09, the current CVS version works out of the box (per ZedLopez).

If you installed w3m from a package in emacs 22, you might need to recompile the bytecode, as bytecode compiled by GnuEmacs 22 is not compatible with GnuEmacs 23

Not working with Emacs 23 and emacs-w3m from the CVS ?

With Emacs 23 from the CVS the follow code can help you to use Emacs23 and Emacs22 without any problem

(if (= emacs-major-version 23)
	(require 'w3m-ems)
  (require 'w3m))

This will load w3m-ems which is the proper package to load with the latest version of emacs-w3m from the CVS.

Avoiding Some Problems with emacs-23 and emacs-w3m from cvs

here is the .emacs snippet i use to load w3m (note your installation path may be different):

(if (= emacs-major-version 23)
      (add-to-list 'load-path "~/.el/emacs-w3m/share/emacs/site-lisp/w3m")
      (require 'w3m-load))
  (require 'w3m))

if you don’t know how to force your system to find emacs23 first, try:

export PATH=/path/to/emacs23:$PATH

as of june 16, 2008, this works


Emacs 23 from CVS and W3M in Debian - Internationalization and code pages

RichardRiley, 20 Oct 2008.

What fixed it for me in Debian was to uninstall the w3m package and install w3mmee. All internationalization then worked. Load w3m in the normal manner.

In a shell:

sudo apt-get remove w3m
sudo apt-get install w3mmee w3mmee-img

Load w3m in the normal manner. Thanks to Andy Stewart for help via email and in the #emacs irc channel.

If you use debian sid or testing you will not have w3mmee and w3mee-img but you can install w3m-el-snapshot.

w3m in Emacs 23 (on Debian and Ubuntu 9.10)

The ‘w3m-el’ package is not fully compatible with Emacs 23. Installing ‘w3m-el-snapshot’ instead worked for me. No additional setup like (require 'w3m-load) was necessary.

sudo aptitude install w3m-el-snapshot

If you already have ‘w3m-el’, it will be removed.


I confirm it. If you are on Ubuntu 9.10 and running Emacs 23, install w3m-el-snapshot. It works. Thank you, MarcoPiedra


w3m in Emacs23 (Cygwin)

As with Debian and Ubuntu, above, the official w3m-el installed with Cygwin doesn’t seem to work with Emacs 23, the error message being “Cannot open load file: w3m-e22”. One solution is to get the latest emacs-w3m source code from CVS (see the instructions at http://emacs-w3m.namazu.org/) and build and install it (see the README for instructions).

– jiri