Headline Readability

Here is a patch to improve headline readability. :Broken links Screenshot: Before

Screenshot: After

Applying patch

Download two patch w3m-el.patch w3m-head.patch and w3m-0.5.2 sourcecode, then apply patch like:

% cd ~/tmp
% tar xf w3m-0.5.2.tar.gz
% cd ~/src/w3m-0.5.2
% patch -p1 < w3m-head.patch
% ./configure --prefix=$HOME
% make && make install
% cd ~/.emacs.d # cd to a directory w3m.el is placed in.
% patch -p0 < w3m.el

Now you can customize headline faces by M-x customize-face RET w3m-h1 RET.

Please check w3m-command is correct if it doesn’t work.

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