WikEmacs (pronounced wiki-macs) collects useful resources for working with GnuEmacs. It got started soon after 2012-03-20 in an effort to create a cleaned up wiki.

In January 2013 the project was announced to be shutting down, but the wiki announced it was "under new management" in April 2013 and staying open

UPDATE 2013.07.30 - if there is anything happening at all w/in the wiki, it is primarily spam. It’s a shame, but what can you do.

The goal of this page is to (eventually) provide a window into the workings of the Emacs community, this wiki, and wiki in general.

[…. S]tewarding documentation projects and nurturing a healthy community around them is much harder than writing software. [….]
I hope that something good has(will) come up from all this drama. At the very least I urge everyone who cares for EmacsWiki to try and clean up, extend and improve at least a couple of articles on subjects that are of importance to him. I know that’s something I’ll be doing from now on. (source)

CategoryEmacsWikiSite - as the spark for the creation of WikEmacs was the desire for a revised Emacs Wiki.