This is about making wiki documentation from Elisp.

What is it?

WikiDoc is an Elisp file that you can load into Emacs and will let you make a buffer of Wiki output from function documentation.

It is very much a work in progress but it does make Creole pages from Elisp function documentation.


Emacs has GNU Info documentation. It’s very good. But it is a bit laborious to make web pages from. You end up with a lot of artifacts left over in the page which are intended for print, or a lot of structure that you don’t particularly want.

A lot of Wiki languages now have good tools for turning them into HTML in a variety of situations. A bit easier to build a website from than Info.

In addition, the Info generators are expensive and quite opaque. Not easy to read or alter.

Get it

The Elisp is available here.

It’s also in marmalade.

Using it

Load wikidoc.el into Emacs and then:

M-x wikidoc-insert

You will have to enter a prefix for documentation to generate. This is an Elisp name prefix, such as:


to generate all of wikidoc’s documentation.

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