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Use OpenQuestions for Emacs and XEmacs related questions. This page is reserved for questions about the Wiki: its organization, its community, its software, and so on. To report problems with this Wiki or see if a problem has already been reported see EmacsWikiProblems. To make a suggestion for this Wiki see the list of EmacsWikiSuggestions.

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February 2009: this page may be outdated.

Question: How do I search for the pages that link to the current page (just like “What links here” on Wikipedia)?

Answer: Click the title heading at the top of the page.

Question: Is there a way to provide different text for a link?

Answer: See the next question.

Question: Is there an analogue for “piped links” that are available at WikiPedia (also similar to CleanLinking or FreeLinks)?

Answer: Yes: [WikiQuestions Wiki questions] → Wiki questions (if a CamelCase Link) and [[News|Emacs Wiki News]] → Emacs Wiki News (for everything else).

Question: How do we prevent mixed case words from becoming links?

Answer: Write !NotALink or %%NotALink%%.

Question: Can you use images here?

Answer: see UploadingImages. See HowTo.

Question: Can a wiki page be removed that is created by accident?

Answer: see DeletedPage. See HowTo.

Question: How do I keep slashes from italicizing when I specify a directory, e.g., ~/dir/subd/?

Answer: Use the the shortcut ##two number signs##, resulting in ~/dir/subd/.

Question: Does this wiki software support tables? – MarkusKnittig

Answer: Yes. See Oddmuse:Tables. See HowTo.

            |||| tables ||
            || yes || no ||
yes no

Question: Is there a way to search all edits by a user?

Answer: Yes there is – on RecentChanges, you can filter by user, host or IP. Together with some other parameters for OtherRecentChanges, you can for example show a list of all contributions Alex ever made:

Question: On RecentChanges, is there a way to see all the recent non-minor (See MinorEdit) changes to a file, rather than just the most recent change?

Answer: Yes, there is. On RecentChanges, click on the link “show all changes”.

Question: I want my own wiki. Where do I get started?

Answer: Check out the Wiki Matrix or Oddwiki.

Question: Can I retrieve parts of EmacsWiki with a network distributed VersionControl system like DaRcs, SubVersion or CVS?

Answer: (Feb 2009): yes, see WikiDownload. There is a Git repository.

Question: Do per page RSS feeds work properly in Emacs Wiki? They seem to return some content when subscribing, but there is no update afterwards even if the page is changed several times.

Answer: Do you have an example? I guess it depends on your feed reader. On most feed readers, these changes will show up as updates to an existing article, so if your feed reader ignores updates, you won’t see it. In that case, try using all=1 to get a feed of all edits, not just the latest one. Here’s an example:;rcidonly=SiteMap;all=1;days=14

Question: How can I add a new National day?

Answer: Mail AlexSchroeder. More info on Oddmuse:SpecialDays.

List of Volunteer Tasks?

Is there somewhere that contributors can read a list of all the tasks needed to spruce up the wiki? For example, I’d like to start moving discussions to their Talk pages, but I don’t see an explicit sanction to do or not do that either way. Is the rule to just make the edit and see if other people accept it? – MatthewSnyder

(I tried posting this question to EmacsWikiSuggestions but it complained about ‘naked links’.

Hi Matthew and thanks for volunteering! Several people have suggested we introduce some sort of page tagging to identify pages that should be reworked. I remember the consensus being that this almost never spurs anybody else to action. You are the exception! 😊 I’d suggest you just tackle any page you feel to be in need of fixing and just do it. I’m a believer in being bold. Moving discussions to Talk pages is an excellent start.

P.S.: I just found EmacsWikiContent. I don’t thing people have been using CategoryNeedsAttention, but that might be another tool to use.