Subject: IRC XEmacs Developer Channel has Opened

Fellow XEmacs Developers and Users!

Unnoticed by global media, IRC channel #xemacs hosted by freenode.net has been officially registered on 28 April, 2004.

See the most recent XEmacs Community News item at http://www.xemacs.org or one of its web mirrors (http://www.dk.xemacs.org/Download/web-mirrors.html).

The XEmacs development team thanks Sebastian Freundt (hroptatyr on freenode) for registering #xemacs and acting as #xemacs channel operator.

Please use #xemacs to discuss development issues requiring developer interaction.

One of the most popular IRC client in the Emacs community is ERC (already an XEmacs package too).

See also http://www.emacswiki.org/cgi-bin/wiki/ERC We hope you’ll enjoy the new service!