XKeymacs is a keyboard utility to realize emacs like-useability on all windows applications:

Get it here:

Wow! This is extremely cool! I’m just starting to get the hang of C-a, C-e, C-k etc. so it will be nice to be able to use it everywhere. --MathiasDahl

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I highly reccomend this tool for emacs addicts (or wannabees) that are stuck in a windows environment. Combining this with explorer creates the most blazingly fast file manager I’ve ever used. If you have the emacs/readline key editing language burned into your digital (as in fingers) muscle memory there is no better way to make windows seem useful for something other than watching movies and listening to music. Plus it is a global solution, so it’s a better than setting your .gtk-2.0 rc file to have emacs keybindings in linux.

Here is a quick overview of how to use explorer with xkeymacs to get the fastest file manager around (for emacs users that is)…

Directory Movement Commands:

   Up Directory	Backspace
   Up (New Window)	C-h

Current File Movement Commands:

   First File		C-a
   Last File		C-e
   Next below		C-n
   File above   	C-p
   File to the right    C-f
   File to the left     C-b
   Start Selection	C-Space
   Clear Selection	C-Space (when selection active)

Standard file manipulation commands:

   Copy		M-w
   Cut		C-w
   Paste	C-y
   Delete	C-d

To search for a filename in the current directory, just start typing and explorer does the matching.

C-s for doing global searches using the standard windows Find subsystem. I reccomend turning off the talking puppy and setting it to advanced interface mode.

-- kruhft

Wow, I’ve gone from despising working in Windows to LOVING (well… not minding 😊 ) it in like 5 minutes with this app, AMAZING!

Anyone have XKeymacs working on Windows 7 (64-bit)? It runs, but doesn’t seem to function - i.e. C-a in notepad just highlights all, not move to beginning of line. (I’m using XKeymacs 3.47.) I’m betting it’s the 64-bitness that’s causing the trouble, but I’m going to really miss it until it works again.

[Update 12/3/09: It partially works in Win7 64-bit - many commands work, but C-x commands don’t and M- commands don’t if there’s an accelerator key in the app (M-f brings up the file menu, e.g. ESC-f works, but is a pain to use.)] --RobDavenport

Did anybody try this one? http://en.sourceforge.jp/users/fujieda/pf/xkeymacs64/files/?id=224 --NRMStritzel (Update 7/18/11: This seems to work great in Win 7 64-bit! --gregcor)

http://xkeymacs.sourceforge.jp/index.html.en this seems to be the latest location.

Update 04/17/2017: Just tried the 110830 version and it does appear to work in Win7 64-bit, although the system tray indicator doesn’t seem to correctly reflect the state of xkeymacs for different processes - I assume when 64-bit processes have focus. Will attempt to build it myself. --RobDavenport

Update 4/20/2017: Was able to build the latest code from Mr. Fujieda’s 9/2014 git code, using VS2015, and it built and runs well - in 64-bit Windows 7 and Windows 10 (https://osdn.net/projects/xkeymacs/scm/git/xkeymacs/). --RobDavenport