Xah Lee

I’m Xah Lee. I use Emacs since 1997, live in emacs daily since 1998. Started coding emacs lisp in 2007. Love Emacs.

I have some emacs and elisp tutorial here:

(2012-07-31 Note: I used to have lots text here about my emacs packages and some negative opinion on FSF and RMS. I removed them to keep this page more clean. You can still find my opinions on my web sites.)

Thank you Alex Schroeder for starting emacswiki. Thank you all for visiting my page on emacswiki!


Hi, Xah. Wondered if that was really you, based on the initial post. This update removes any doubt --ChristopherSmith. ;)

Greetings, comrade. —Xah

Xah has also been a well known troll on various comp.lang.* newsgroups and played in the same league as ErikNaggum. Just browse some older stuff in the Usenet archives. – AlexSchroeder

Older? Xah remains trollific in the present tense, as a glance at comp.lang.python reveals. Use of emacs reveals Xah isn’t completely bad, no? --ChristopherSmith

dear Christopher, by the way, i left a reply on your page about the naming of Mac OS X. However, some [self-censored] went ahead and deleted it. I don’t think he asked you before hand. It is not even his [self-censored] business. Sometimes i wonder, if we should forgive these younsters. But then, just because one has bad childhood doesn’t obliterate all a psychopath’s crimes. It is behaviors like these, that pains me. —Xah
Thanks for the pointer--I restored your remark. As Zappa so eloquently put it, “Censorship is like treating dandruff through decapitation”. Though if I could recommend a book to you, Sun Tzu makes some excellent points about non-frontal assaults, and I feel that the points you make in various fora would have more impact if they hit from the flank more often than square-on. ;) --ChristopherSmith

I’d prefer decent language on the wiki. – AlexSchroeder

Alex, was it you who censored my post before? why don’t you just say so? because it seems anonymous, and more than just four-letter words are deleted.—Xah

Nope, it wasn’t me. I sure agree with the sentiment, however. 😊 – AlexSchroeder

OK. Thanks for the note. —Xah

Note to Alex Schroeder: This page doesn’t validate, apparently because of the «dl» tag. —Xah Lee, 2006-08-30

You might want to change “youngsters who’s got nothing to loose” to “youngsters who’ve got nothing to lose”. I am not being critical, just trying to be helpful. I’m guessing that English is not your first language.


Plenty of people whose first language is English write “loose” when they mean “lose”. I think it’s more an orthographic thing than an English as a second language thing. —BeSlayed
Thanks guys. Corrected and checked all spellings. (ends up removing non-tech info/opinions) – Xah_Lee

Hello, you lovable scoundrel 😁 — TinaRussell