Hi and welcome on my modest EmacsWiki page. I am XavierMaillard, a french DBA spending his spare time hacking FreeSoftware (and editing this place).

I am a FreeSoftware hacktivist.

I am member of a few associations related to FreeSoftware promotion and alterglobalisation:

I use GNU Emacs since ages (at least I feel I didn’t use anything else :p) and love *Lisp language.

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Modes I am using

Mail tasks

I have tested all mail modes for emacs from Gnus to MH-E but I am not very interested in tweaking/sorting/archiving. I have to admit that Gnus is marvelous but it is so huge that I spent my time tweaking/hacking it thus I lost precious time.

MH-E was a good way to use NMH in Emacs but after some time of thinking I have decided that, given the fact I was living 100% of my time in Emacs, NMH layer was too much. NMH, though, is quite a cool mail handling system I would recommend for any serious shell user.

In the end, RmailMode is really what I need(ed). It is simple, basic but pretty efficient.


I used to only use IRC but as time goes, I am more and more using Jabber. Thus my client of choice is JabberEl. For the rare occasions I am under IRC, I am using rcirc.


Gnus, all is said.

Notes and organization

Once again, I have tried so many modes always trying to have the perfect tools that I spent too much time playing with the setup.

Why did I switch to howm ? I like free-form notes taking tool. Plus, howm is really powerfull to search anything at any given time anywhere into my notes. To my knowing, this is the only one tool doing this. The big cons is its lack of documentation.

What I like about it:

  1. free form notes
  2. awesome searching capabilities (nothing can beat it at this)
  3. looks like a wiki (perfect for me)
  4. extensible easily
  5. is a MinorMode

What I dislike:

  1. small community
  2. documentation is in japanese :/

After months of howm, howm sounds less interesting for these reasons:

  1. I am duplicating many note content everywhere (codes, …)
  2. Saving one note can take really long (due to huge amount of notes)
  3. Searching is not really useful since some system daemon could do that (and even more and better -i.e rlocate for example and this could be made available via Anything)

I am more and more using topic-oriented notes -i.e. notes about sql, about free software, … I am huge fan of EevMode which is of great help for that but going that way also means to renounce to HowmMode and to choose something different, something working with the One Big File approach.

Other modes

In unsorted order:

Me and EmacsWiki: my work done

Page initiated

Je peux t’aider si tu veux 😊 – LucasBonnet

Welcome! ;) – AlexSchroeder

: That’s what I get for not updating the page with the latest debugged version. Your fix is what I have in my init file, too. 😊 I also note that you are a lousy blogger, based on what I see in the section below. – AlexSchroeder


How can I redirect to a page anchor in EmacsWiki ? Thank you.

I saw your posting that you are a heavy user of InPlaceAnnotations. Please let me see your setting/code of InPlaceAnnotations if you prefer? I use org-remember to note when I read code. I’m interested in the integration of InPlaceAnnotations and OrgMode/RememberMode. – rubikitch

I do not have configuration for InPlaceAnnotation. I am just using it everywhere to store “post-it” (todo, reminders, …). I asked for maintainership to be able to have … maintainance (or add feature, etc.). If you have code for integration with OrgMode, just post it here. I have setup a darcs repository. I plan to make it public (I will probably add read/write to any contributor).

Are there any good personal journal org-mode based tutorial available somewhere ? I’d like to see how users do it. Thank You.

Blog & my website

This can’t be considered a serious thing, but, I recently cleaned up some things and I am running an OddMuse instance at [[1]]. It is housing something like a blog and editings by my sons (currently not online).

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