YARI (Yet Another Ri Interface) provides an Emacs frontend to Ruby’s ‘ri’ documentation tool. It offers lookup and completion.

This packages is completely replacement for RiEmacs and RiEl. I have tried to test this extension against every RDoc version. Please, report any problems to hron.

The sources: http://github.com/hron/yari.el



Interesting! I am a Rubyist. Why do you develop this? I want to know differences with RiEmacs and RiEl. – rubikitch

I tried to use RiEmacs and RiEl. RiEmacs works good, but only for 1.x version as I remember, RiEl has the same problem – works only for specific versions of RDoc (1.x and 2.2.x, 2.4.x as I remember). So, I decided to make a package which will have tests for every version of RDoc (you can check the sources at github.com — I use rake tasks to create enviroment for every version of RDoc and test against them my package). Furthermore, I have added support for ido style completion when you search for specific ri page, it is exteremly useful. – hron

This is the only one I have found that works with ruby 1.8.7 and RDoc 2.5.11, very nice thank you, you should add this to the Rails page too – WolfmanJM