a.k.a casouri.

I started using Emacs in 2017 when I was a freshman in college. I’ve been playing with it ever since.

You can find me on emacs-china under the name casouri, or visit my blog. I put all the packages I wrote on github.

My init.el

Some EMACS expansions that I like

    Eight       Megabytes      And        Constantly   Swapping      ;; hard to beat
    Even a      Master of      Arts       Comes        Simpler
    Emacs       Makes          A          Computer     Slow
    Elsewhere   Maybe          All        Commands are Simple
    Excellent   Manuals        Are        Clearly      Suppressed
    Embarrassed Manual-Writer  Accused of Communist    Subversion    ;; for the record, Emacs has a fantastic manual


Here are some of the packages that I wrote.

Here are some site-lisp’s I wrote.

Here are some Emacs utilities I wrote.

Message board

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Thanks 😊 – YuanFu