Hi, I use Emacs. v24.2.1. I know Emacs since 2000 approximatively. I learned the basic shortcuts by following the embedded tutorial. Since then my Emacs did not grow that much. There was a long period of time when I dropped its use, completely.

Since that summer I re-installed Emacs because I wanted to learn Lisp and Clojure. I began to install LispBox and then converted to a stock Emacs. I began to realize very lately the technological choice at the core of Emacs: An ELisp virtual machine which provides also primitive text handling functions. And the rest of the system written in ELisp. I found the idea awesome, and actually I’ve even intuited it myself before, during my software engineer life. Without realizing that it was already existing: Emacs.

I am still struggling a little bit with Emacs. I find hard to learn. The learning curve is steep from my point of view. My goal is to be able to master Emacs for my day to day use. I really think it can make me more productive than ever. Also, If I prove myself successful, I would be glad to share my knowledge with others.


Welcome to the wiki. I agree about the importance of Lisp to Emacs, and their synergy: Emacs is EmacsLisp. Users who haven’t gotten that are missing out.

Wrt learning Emacs, this might help: http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/EmacsNewbieWithIciclesDrewAdams

Welcome from me too! This idea of Emacs as a LispMachine is what a few of us are pushing! Keep at learning Emacs because it is so beneficial! Try writing little bits of code to help you organize, maybe check out OrgMode and come to the EmacsChannel!

PS Feel free to delete these from your page… it’s just our way of saying Hello!NicFerrier

Thank you everyone. Nextstep is checking out icycle, orgmode. I already am editing this post with OddmuseMode. By the way I am connecting to the EmacsChannel, and my nickname is keugaerg.

I’ve relaunched Emacs this summer in order to learn a little bit of Lisp, then I stopped for Clojure. I need to learn the whole stuff seriously now. Cause I installed the LispBox then a stock EmacsForMac with ESK. And I feel more confident now with the tool to have a look into the Emacs Lisp code, etc. And yes Nic You are right, later I’ll clean up the page. Probably I will try to descbribe my newbie journey. I’ll start with reformatting this discussion in something readable for other newbies. :-) – YvesBaumes

That sounds awesome. Check out Elnode - if you’re interested in web programming it can be an easy way into EmacsLisp. PS I think we prefer real faces because otherwise things get a bit… wierd.

I’ll check that out (ouch, it makes a lot to check out. But that’s pretty exiting!). Gravatar fixed. :-)