Zen Coding refers to a neat way to write markup quickly.

The following blogs provide summary and examples:


Zen Coding has been renamed to Emmet and includes an expanded feature set. See Shin Aoyama’s Github page for a fork of Ron’s repo that includes new Emmet features.


A minor mode providing support for Zen Coding by producing HTML from CSS-like selectors. Example:

    a.x>b                    <a class="x"><b></b></a>
    a#q.x>b                  <a id="q" class="x"><b></b></a>
    a#q.x.y.z>b              <a id="q" class="x y z"><b></b></a>

Ron Panduwana is the current maintainer.

See the Github page for guide/installation instructions.

YouTube video


See the page history for early developments/discussion on this mode.