GNU Zile (“Zile Implements Lua Editors”) “is a text editor development kit, so that you can (relatively) quickly develop your own ideal text editor without reinventing the wheel for many of the common algorithms and data-structures needed to do so.”

Prior to version 3 its name expanded to “Zile Is Lossy Emacs”. Its goal was to be a lightweight ErsatzEmacs from the Free Software Foundation emulating the behavior of its “big brother” in a small package, so that Emacs users can feel at home in limited environments.

For customization, Zile uses its own limited configuration language known as Zile Lisp. Zile Lisp is a tiny subset of Emacs Lisp that consists of the Zile commands plus ‘setq’.

Note: there are seemingly two variants of Zile (or possibly two different branches of this project), one being a „light-weight” Emacs and the other being a LUA-based framework for developing editors.

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