I’ve been using Emacs for 12 years or so. What else do you want to know?

Hello and welcome. We want to know your nick on #emacs, of course. ^_^ The RepetitionDetection stuff has caught me as well. I hope you don’t mind be reworking the pages a bit in order to make them more “web” style than “news” style. – AlexSchroeder

Of course not. I just got back in after a few hours out with friends in the pub and was amazed to see such a nice reworking of what I had written. All the relevant information is still there, but without the excess fluff around what I had written. You appear to be doing an excellent job. I never even imagined that there would be a #emacs, let alone having a nick there. – ZwaX

Heh. See InternetRelayChat… As to editing “my” code – you are welcome. The code pages on this wiki are like cheapo CVS with write access for everyone. And thanks for the nice words. – as