About me

Hello, I’m ahei, I’m emacs fans, I’m reachable at gtalk/msn/qq/email: ahei0802@gmail.com, twitter: aheiii I’m site master of Chinese Emacs Site, it’s domain is emacser.com or emacs.cn. my blog at my blog.


Letter ‘isearch’ in dired mode, not need press some keys to activate ‘isearch-mode’.
DEA stands for “Dot emacs of ahei”, its target is provide powerful emacs profile for emacser. Its so big, I put it on google code.
Extension of Linum
Package use autoload and eval-after-load technique.
Powerful reader in Emacs
Enhancement of AutoComplete
color theme of ahei, it’s screeshot is at http://emacser.com/emacs.htm.

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