Three years ago, not so long after I became an emacser, I started to customize my favorite editor. During this time I developed a number of emacs enhancements that I still use daily with great satisfaction. Due to time constraints, however, I cannot provide a proper introduction for all of them, so I’m going to post “as is”. Feel free to contact me at (dmr at c0nc3pt dot com) for extensions, information, ideas, etc.

Further stuff - not necessarily emacs-related - can be found in my personal homepage

Cool! Posting as-is is not a problem. Welcome to the wiki. – AlexSchroeder


Lisp:flyspell-guess.el — flyspell dictionary guesser

Lisp:xsocks.el — emacs sockets extender

Lisp:w3xt.el — extended MIME control in w3m

Lisp:topsongs.el — a song database for the lazy emacser

Lisp:random-quote.el — chooses a random quote from a file

Lisp:emms-player-streaming-fix.el — mplayer url fix

Random quote reminds me of the ‘cookie’ function which uses the fortune file format. – AlexSchroeder