My name is Leo aka halloleo and I love emacs. I use it on Windows and Mac OSX. It is my primary file manager, search-replace tool - and text editor. ;-)

What do I like about emacs? Its unified interface on different platforms (short cuts) and its comprehensive set features for text cut, paste and replace. (e.g. you can copy a filename and use it easily with a search-replace task.)

What’s on my WishList? Easier asynchronous actions (every longer elisp task locks up the whole emacs!) and if I’m really allowed to dream I’d like an “Eclipse mode” which accepts eclipse projects incl. build files and eclipse plugins…

ps: Formerly I used here the name leooo, but because everywhere else on the net I’m halloleo (particularly twitter, flickr and my blog) I guess I should have that name on emacswiki as well… So I move the leooo page here.

Welcome to the wiki! I hope you don’t mind when I delete your category page; I think CategoryCode or CategoryDirectories is better for LsLisp. – AlexSchroeder

thanks alex! yep, wasn’t sure were to link my page from… i just start using this wiki, in fact wikis in general.

Welcome to wikis in general, then! :) – Alex

btw: where does conversational stuff like this add-on usually go? (it’s a little bit odd to have it on a user (home) page, isn’t it?)

It goes on homepages. :) Well, if we’re talking about new categories, then maybe SiteMapDiscussion would be the place, but we have very discussion pages. But that is just a community expectation. If we wanted a more chat-like site, we could. I think the reason it doesn’t happen is that a lot of us hang out on the EmacsChannel. Therefore we do the chatting on #emacs and have no need for it here. ;) – Alex.

another question: when do we sign with our name and when do we not? more signing of content could be helpful to get back to the author of an idea.

That’s true. There’s no “rule” here. Here’s what I do, however: When I present an individual solution that may not be what the users wants, or when I present different alternatives, I write something like “AlexSchroeder suggests the following approach…” In these cases I put my name in the text. When I comment on something (ie. we’re having a conversation), then I also sign my comments. I expect the discussion to be removed eventually, however.

Note that you can get back to authors by looking at the history of a page. By the way: You chose a name that doesn’t automatically link (leo), so in order to have it linked, you need two extra square brackets to do it: leooo. – Alex