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;;; imenu+.el --- Extensions to `imenu.el'.
;; Filename: imenu+.el
;; Description: Extensions to `imenu.el'.
;; Author: Drew Adams
;; Maintainer: Drew Adams (concat "drew.adams" "@" "oracle" ".com")
;; Copyright (C) 1999-2018, Drew Adams, all rights reserved.
;; Created: Thu Aug 26 16:05:01 1999
;; Version: 0
;; Package-Requires: ()
;; Last-Updated: Thu May 16 08:58:34 2019 (-0700)
;;           By: dradams
;;     Update #: 1127
;; URL:
;; Doc URL:
;; Keywords: tools, menus
;; Compatibility: GNU Emacs: 20.x, 21.x, 22.x, 23.x, 24.x, 25.x, 26.x
;; Features that might be required by this library:
;;   `find-where', `imenu', `thingatpt', `thingatpt+'.
;;; Commentary:
;; Extensions to `imenu.el'.
;;   User options defined here:
;;    `imenup-show-bookmarks-flag', `imenup-sort-ignores-case-flag'.
;;   Commands defined here:
;;    `imenup-add-defs-to-menubar',
;;    `imenup-toggle-case-sensitive-sorting',
;;    `imenup-toggle-ignoring-comments' (Emacs 22+),
;;    `imenup-toggle-showing-bookmarks', `imenup-toggle-sort',
;;   Non-interactive functions defined here:
;;    `imenup--sort-submenu', `imenup-delete-if', `imenup-find-where',
;;    `imenup-find-where-1', `imenup-find-where-color',
;;    `imenup-find-where-decimal-number',
;;    `imenup-find-where-hex-number', `imenup-find-where-list',
;;    `imenup-find-where-number', `imenup-find-where-paragraph',
;;    `imenup-find-where-sentence', `imenup-find-where-sexp',
;;    `imenup-find-where-string', `imenup-find-where-symbol',
;;    `imenup-find-where-vector', `imenup-find-where-word',
;;    `imenup-invisible-p'.
;;   Internal variables defined here:
;;    `imenup-emacs-face-defn-regexp',
;;    `imenup-emacs-key-defn-regexp-1',
;;    `imenup-emacs-key-defn-regexp-2',
;;    `imenup-emacs-lisp-generic-expression',
;;    `imenup-emacs-option-defn-regexp', `imenup-last-sort-function',
;;    `imenup-lisp-fn-defn-regexp-1', `imenup-lisp-fn-defn-regexp-2',
;;    `imenup-lisp-macro-defn-regexp',
;;    `imenup-lisp-other-defn-regexp-1',
;;    `imenup-lisp-other-defn-regexp-2',
;;    `imenup-lisp-var-defn-regexp',
;;  ***** NOTE: The following functions and macro defined in `imenu.el'
;;              have been REDEFINED HERE:
;;    `imenu--generic-function', `imenu--make-index-alist',
;;    `imenu--mouse-menu', `imenu--sort-by-name',
;;    `imenu--split-submenus', `imenu-progress-message',
;;    `imenu-update-menubar' (Emacs <22).
;;  ***** NOTE: The following variable defined in `imenu.el' has
;;              been REDEFINED HERE:
;;  `imenu-sort-function'.
;;  ***** NOTE: The following variable defined in `lisp-mode.el' has
;;              been REDEFINED HERE:
;;  `lisp-imenu-generic-expression'.
;;; Change Log:
;; 2019/05/16 dadams
;;     Change default value of imenup-show-bookmarks-flag to nil.
;; 2019/05/09 dadams
;;     Added: imenup-show-bookmarks-flag, imenup-toggle-showing-bookmarks.
;;     imenu--make-index-alist: Respect imenup-show-bookmarks-flag (Bookmarks Here menu).
;;     imenu--mouse-menu: Do not use imenu--create-keymap-1 for Emacs 22+ (bug fix?).
;; 2018/07/17 dadams
;;     Added imenup-delete-if.  Removed imenup-delete-if-not.
;;     imenu--generic-function: Return result of nconc.
;; 2018/06/30 dadams
;;     Added: imenup-delete-if-not, imenup-find-where, imenup-find-where-1, imenup-find-where-color,
;;       imenup-find-where-decimal-number, imenup-find-where-hex-number, imenup-find-where-list,
;;       imenup-find-where-number, imenup-find-where-paragraph, imenup-find-where-sentence,
;;       imenup-find-where-sexp, imenup-find-where-string, imenup-find-where-symbol, imenup-find-where-vector,
;;       imenup-find-where-word.
;;     imenu--generic-function: Fixed two bugs (Emacs bug #32024).  Do not call imenu-progress-message.
;; 2018/06/29 dadams
;;     Removed: imenup-ignore-comments-flag - Use imenu-generic-skip-comments-and-strings (Emacs 24.4+)
;; 2014/12/23 dadams
;;     lisp-imenu-generic-expression, imenup-emacs-lisp-generic-expression:
;;       Use distinct submenu names, so no ambiguity: Others 2, Functions 2.
;; 2014/06/21 dadams
;;     *-lisp-other-defn-regexp-[12], *-lisp-fn-defn-regexp-[12], *-lisp-var-defn-regexp:
;;       Allow single-char names: \(\(\sw\|\s_\)+\), not \(\sw\(\sw\|\s_\)+\).
;; 2013/12/08 dadams
;;     Added: imenup-lisp-fn-defn-regexp-2.
;;     Renamed imenup-lisp-fn-defn-regexp to imenup-lisp-fn-defn-regexp-1.
;;     lisp-imenu-generic-expression, imenup-emacs-lisp-generic-expression:
;;       Use imenup-lisp-fn-defn-regexp-2 also.
;; 2013/10/18 dadams
;;     lisp-imenu-generic-expression, imenup-emacs-lisp-generic-expression:
;;       Prevent creating an Other submenu with "" as the regexp.
;; 2013/10/11 dadams
;;     imenu--make-index-alist: Fix for Emacs < 22 (no imenup-ignore-comments-flag).
;; 2013/10/08 dadams
;;     Added: imenup-ignore-comments-flag, imenup-toggle-ignoring-comments.
;;     Renamed: imenup-sort-ignores-case to imenup-sort-ignores-case-flag.
;;     Do not require hide-comnt.el.
;;     imenu--make-index-alist: Added menu item for toggling ignoring commented defs.
;;                              Do not use with-comments-hidden etc.  Now in imenu--generic-function.
;;     imenu--generic-function: Respect imenup-ignore-comments-flag.
;; 2013/08/13 dadams
;;     Added: imenup-lisp-other-defn-regexp-2.
;;     Renamed: imenup-lisp-other-defn-regexp to imenup-lisp-other-defn-regexp-1.
;;     imenup(-emacs)-lisp-generic-expression: Use imenup-lisp-other-defn-regexp-1 and *-2.
;;     imenup-lisp-other-defn-regexp-1: Added cl-deftype, cl-defstruct.
;;     imenup-lisp-fn-defn-regexp: Added cl-defun, defsubst.
;;     imenup-lisp-macro-defn-regexp: Added cl-defmacro, cl-define-compiler-macro.
;; 2013/07/25 dadams
;;     Require hide-comnt.el for Emacs 20 also - see comment in code for require.
;; 2013/07/24 dadams
;;     Require hide-comnt.el for Emacs 21+.
;; 2012/10/24 dadams
;;     imenup-toggle-case-sensitive-sorting: Improve message in case not currently sorting by name.
;; 2012/10/23 dadams
;;     Added defgroup.  Added: imenup-toggle-case-sensitive-sorting.
;;     Initialize imenup-last-sort-function to imenu--sort-by-name, not nil.
;;     Added redefinition of imenu--sort-by-name.
;;     Added redefinition of imenu--split-submenus: Fixes Emacs bug #12717.
;;     imenu--make-index-alist:
;;       Added toggle commands to menu.  Removed eval-and-compile - use now for Emacs 20 too.
;;       Updated for Emacs 24 (use user-error, not error).
;;     Renamed all Imenu+ stuff to use prefix imenup-.
;;     imenup-toggle-sort: Simplified, and arg is optional now.
;;     imenup--sort-submenu: Use imenu--subalist-p to correctly test a submenu.
;;     Require cl.el at compile time for all versions (use case macro now).
;;     Removed defaliases defining toggle-imenu*.
;; 2012/03/15 dadams
;;     imenu-update-menubar: Applied Emacs 24 bug fix to handle a dynamically composed keymap.
;;     Require cl.el for Emacs 20 when byte-compile.
;; 2012/01/01 dadams
;;     imenu-update-menubar: buffer-modified-tick -> buffer-chars-modified-tick.  (Sync w/ vanilla.)
;; 2011/11/24 dadams
;;     Added: imenup-invisible-p.
;;     imenu--generic-function: Use imenup-invisible-p, not just get-text-property (so overlays too).
;; 2011/11/23 dadams
;;     Make menu ignore invisible text and respect ignore-comments-flag.  Added (redefinition of):
;;       imenu--make-index-alist, imenu--generic-function, imenu-progress-message.
;; 2001/08/26 dadams
;;     imenu--sort-submenu: Copy MENU-ITEMS so sort doesn't modify it.  Thx  to Michael Heerdegen.
;; 2011/05/27 dadams
;;     imenu-lisp-var-defn-regexp:
;;       Corrected to allow \n after var name (\n is comment-end syntax, not whitespace, in Lisp).
;; 2011/05/08 dadams
;;     imenu-lisp-var-defn-regexp: Try not to create entries for vacuous defvars, e.g., (defvar foo).
;; 2011/03/18 dadams
;;     imenu-emacs-key-defn-regexp-[1|2]: Handle (kbd "...").
;;     emacs-lisp-imenu-generic-expression: Increased index from 4 to 5, to fit change for kbd.
;; 2011/01/04 dadams
;;     Removed autoload cookies from defvar, non-interactive fns.  Added for command.
;; 2007/01/16 dadams
;;     imenu-lisp-fn-defn-regexp: Updated for icicle-define-add-to-alist-command.
;; 2005/12/09 dadams
;;     imenu-lisp-fn-defn-regexp: Updated to include icicle-define*.
;;       Use regexp-opt for Emacs 20 version too.
;;       Moved Emacs 22 macro stuff to imenu-lisp-macro-defn-regexp.
;;     (emacs-)lisp-imenu-generic-expression:
;;       Updated Emacs 20 index to accomodate parens for icicle-define*.
;;     Added: imenu-emacs-(face|option)-defn-regexp,
;;     Removed: imenu-lisp-struct-defn-regexp.
;;     Renamed: imenu-lisp-type-defn-regexp to imenu-lisp-other-defn-regexp.
;; 2005/05/17 dadams
;;     Updated to work with Emacs 22.x.
;; 2004/11/21 dadams
;;     imenu-lisp-type-defn-regexp, imenu-lisp-fn-defn-regexp,
;;     imenu-lisp-var-defn-regexp: Got rid of purecopy & eval-when-compile.
;; 2004/11/20 dadams
;;     Refined to deal with Emacs 21 < 21.3.50 (soon to be 22.x)
;; 2004/10/12 dadams
;;     Updated for Emacs 21.
;; 2001/01/05 dadams
;;     Unquoted mapcar lambda args.
;; 2000/11/01 dadams
;;     Put imenu-add-defs-to-menubar inside condition-case, in (*-)lisp-mode-hooks
;; 1999/08/30 dadams
;;     1. imenu-emacs-key-defn-regexp-2: Added define-key-after.
;;     2. Updated emacs-lisp-imenu-generic-expression (Keys in Maps).
;; 1999/08/27 dadams
;;     1. Corrected: imenu-lisp-fn-defn-regexp, imenu-lisp-macro-defn-regexp,
;;                   imenu-lisp-var-defn-regexp, imenu--sort-submenu,
;;                   imenu-emacs-key-defn-regexp-2.
;;     2. Added: imenu--sort-submenu, imenu-update-menubar, imenu--mouse-menu.
;;        Redefinition of originals: imenu-update-menubar, imenu--mouse-menu.
;; This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option)
;; any later version.

;; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.

;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with this program; see the file COPYING.  If not, write to
;; the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth
;; Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.
;;; Code:

(eval-when-compile (require 'cl)) ;; case

(require 'imenu)

(require 'find-where nil t) ;; (no error if not found) gw-to-previous-thing

;; Quiet the byte-compiler
(defvar imenu-menubar-modified-tick)
(defvar imenu-generic-skip-comments-and-strings)


(defgroup Imenu-Plus nil
  "Various enhancements to Imenu."
  :prefix "imenup-" :group 'imenu
  :link `(url-link :tag "Send Bug Report"
          ,(concat "mailto:" "drew.adams" "@" "oracle" ".com?subject=\
imenu+.el bug: \
&body=Describe bug here, starting with `emacs -q'.  \
Don't forget to mention your Emacs and library versions."))
  :link '(url-link :tag "Other Libraries by Drew"
  :link '(url-link :tag "Download" "")
  :link '(url-link :tag "Description" "")
  :link '(emacs-commentary-link :tag "Commentary" "imenu+"))

;; Emacs 22+.  The value assigned here is ignored in Emacs 24.4+, since there is a vanilla defcustom.
(when (fboundp 'syntax-ppss)
  (defcustom imenu-generic-skip-comments-and-strings t
    "Non-nil means Imenu ignores text inside comments and strings."
    :type 'boolean :group 'imenu))

(defcustom imenup-show-bookmarks-flag nil
  "*Non-nil means that Imenu adds menu items for bookmarks.
The bookmarks are only for this file/buffer.

The default value is nil because checking whether there are such
bookmarks can take a little time.

After you change the option value, you will need to choose `*Rescan*'
in any existing Imenu menu, for the new value to take effect.

This option has no effect if you do not use library Bookmark+."
  :type 'boolean :group 'Imenu-Plus)

(defcustom imenup-sort-ignores-case-flag nil
  "*Non-nil means that `imenu--sort-by-name' sorts case-insensitively."
  :type 'boolean :group 'Imenu-Plus)

;; Apologies, but this is the easiest way to override the default value of nil.
;; If you need to override this, comment it out or set it after loading this file.
(defconst imenu-sort-function 'imenu--sort-by-name)

(defvar imenup-last-sort-function `imenu--sort-by-name
  "The last non-nil value for `imenu-sort-function' during this session.")

;; For key definitions, we need to handle: strings and vectors, but also (kbd STRING).
;; We just match optional `(kbd ' followed by a string or a vector'.
(defvar imenup-emacs-key-defn-regexp-1 "(\\s-*\\(\\(global\\|local\\)-\\(un\\)?\
  "*Regexp that recognizes Emacs key definitions.
See also `imenup-emacs-key-defn-regexp-2'.")

(defvar imenup-emacs-key-defn-regexp-2 "(\\s-*\\(define-key\\(-after\\)?\\s-+\
  "*Regexp that recognizes Emacs key definitions.
See also `imenup-emacs-key-defn-regexp-1'.")

(defvar imenup-lisp-other-defn-regexp-1
  (if (>= emacs-major-version 22)
      (concat "^\\s-*("
              (regexp-opt '("defgroup" "deftheme" "deftype" "cl-deftype" "defstruct" "cl-defstruct"
                            "defclass" "define-condition" "define-widget"
    "(\\s-*def\\(type\\|class\\|ine-condition\\)\\s-+'?\\([^ \t()]+\\)")
  "*Regexp that recognizes other Lisp definitions.")

(defvar imenup-lisp-other-defn-regexp-2
  (if (>= emacs-major-version 22)
      (concat "^\\s-*("
              (regexp-opt '("defstruct" "cl-defstruct") t)
  "*Regexp that recognizes other Lisp defs, where the name is followed by (.")

(defvar imenup-lisp-fn-defn-regexp-1
  (if (>= emacs-major-version 22)
      (concat "^\\s-*("
              (regexp-opt '("defun" "cl-defun" "defun*" "defsubst" "cl-defsubst" "defadvice"
                            "define-skeleton" "define-minor-mode"
                            "define-global-minor-mode" "define-globalized-minor-mode"
                            "define-derived-mode" "define-generic-mode" "defsetf"
                            "define-setf-expander" "define-method-combination"
                            "defgeneric" "defmethod" "icicle-define-command"
    (concat "^\\s-*("
             '("defun" "defun*" "defsubst" "defadvice" "define-skeleton"
               "define-derived-mode" "defsetf" "icicle-define-add-to-alist-command"
               "icicle-define-command" "icicle-define-file-command")
  "*Regexp that recognizes Lisp function definitions.")

(defvar imenup-lisp-fn-defn-regexp-2
  (concat "^\\s-*("
          (regexp-opt '("defalias" "fset") t)
  "*Regexp that recognizes Lisp function definitions with a quoted name.")

(defvar imenup-lisp-macro-defn-regexp
define-modify-macro\\)\\s-+\\([^ \t()]+\\)"
  "*Regexp that recognizes Lisp macro definitions.")

(defvar imenup-emacs-face-defn-regexp "(\\s-*\\(defface\\)\\s-+\\([^ \t()]+\\)"
  "*Regexp for Emacs face definitions (defface).")

(defvar imenup-emacs-option-defn-regexp "(\\s-*\\(defcustom\\)\\s-+\\([^ \t()]+\\)"
  "*Regexp for Emacs user option definitions (defcustom).")

(defvar imenup-lisp-var-defn-regexp
  (if (>= emacs-major-version 22)
      (concat "^\\s-*("
              (regexp-opt '("defvar" "defconst" "defconstant" "defcustom"
                            "defparameter" "define-symbol-macro")
              ;; Because \n has char syntax `>', not whitespace.  See Emacs bug #8638.
              "[^) \t\n]")
    "(\\s-*def\\(var\\|const\\)\\s-+\\([^ \t()]+\\)")
  "*Regexp that recognizes global Lisp variable definitions.")

;; REPLACE ORIGINAL in `lisp-mode.el'.
;; Add `Functions', `Macros', `Structures'.
(defconst lisp-imenu-generic-expression
    (delq nil (list
               (list "Other"        imenup-lisp-other-defn-regexp-1 2)
               (and (not (string= "" imenup-lisp-other-defn-regexp-2))
                    (list "Other 2" imenup-lisp-other-defn-regexp-2 2))
               (list "Macros"       imenup-lisp-macro-defn-regexp 2)
               (list "Functions"    imenup-lisp-fn-defn-regexp-1 (if (string-match "\\(?:\\)" "") 2 6))
               (list "Functions 2"  imenup-lisp-fn-defn-regexp-2 2)
               (list "Variables"    imenup-lisp-var-defn-regexp 2)
  "*Imenu generic expression for Lisp mode.
See `imenu-generic-expression'.")

(defvar imenup-emacs-lisp-generic-expression
  (delq nil (list
             (list "Other"        imenup-lisp-other-defn-regexp-1 2)
             (and (not (string= "" imenup-lisp-other-defn-regexp-2))
                  (list "Other 2" imenup-lisp-other-defn-regexp-2 2))
             (list "Keys in Maps" imenup-emacs-key-defn-regexp-2 5)
             (list "Keys"         imenup-emacs-key-defn-regexp-1 5)
             (list "Macros"       imenup-lisp-macro-defn-regexp 2)
             (list "Functions"    imenup-lisp-fn-defn-regexp-1 (if (string-match "\\(?:\\)" "") 2 6))
             (list "Functions 2"  imenup-lisp-fn-defn-regexp-2 2)
             (list "Variables"    imenup-lisp-var-defn-regexp 2)
             (list "User Options" imenup-emacs-option-defn-regexp 2)
             (list "Faces"        imenup-emacs-face-defn-regexp 2)
  "*Imenu generic expression for Emacs Lisp mode.
See `imenu-generic-expression'.")

(add-hook 'lisp-mode-hook
          (lambda ()
            (setq imenu-generic-expression  lisp-imenu-generic-expression)
            (condition-case nil (imenup-add-defs-to-menubar) (error nil))))

(add-hook 'emacs-lisp-mode-hook
          (lambda ()
            (setq imenu-generic-expression  imenup-emacs-lisp-generic-expression)
            (condition-case nil (imenup-add-defs-to-menubar) (error nil))))

(defun imenup-toggle-showing-bookmarks ()
  "Toggle option `imenup-show-bookmarks-flag'.
That option (and thus this command) has no effect if you do not use
library Bookmark+."
  (setq imenup-show-bookmarks-flag  (not imenup-show-bookmarks-flag))
  (imenu--menubar-select imenu--rescan-item)
  (message "Showing bookmarks in this file/buffer is now %s" 
           (if imenup-show-bookmarks-flag "ON" "OFF")))

(defun imenup-toggle-sort (&optional arg)
  "Toggle imenu between sorting menus and not.
With a prefix ARG, turn on if ARG is non-negative, off if negative.
See also command `imenup-toggle-case-sensitive-sorting'."
  (interactive "P")
  (if arg
      (setq imenu-sort-function  (and (wholenump (prefix-numeric-value arg))
    (if imenu-sort-function
        (setq imenup-last-sort-function  imenu-sort-function ; Save it.
              imenu-sort-function        nil) ; Don't sort.
      (setq imenu-sort-function  imenup-last-sort-function)))
  (imenu--menubar-select imenu--rescan-item)
  (case imenu-sort-function
    (imenu--sort-by-name (message "Menu items now being sorted by name"))
    ((nil)               (message "Menu items are in buffer order (NOT SORTED)"))
    (otherwise           (message "Menu items now being sorted with `%s'" imenu-sort-function))))

(defun imenup-toggle-case-sensitive-sorting ()
  "Toggle option `imenup-sort-ignores-case-flag'.
This affects menu sorting using `imenu--sort-by-name'."
  (setq imenup-sort-ignores-case-flag  (not imenup-sort-ignores-case-flag))
  (imenu--menubar-select imenu--rescan-item)
  (if (eq 'imenu--sort-by-name imenu-sort-function)
      (message "Sorting menu items by name %s" (if imenup-sort-ignores-case-flag
                                                   "now IGNORES case"
                                                 "is now case SENSITIVE"))
    (message "NOT sorting by name now, but will %s if you do" (if imenup-sort-ignores-case-flag
                                                                  "IGNORE case"
                                                                "RESPECT case"))))

(when (boundp 'imenu-generic-skip-comments-and-strings)
  (defun imenup-toggle-ignoring-comments ()
    "Toggle option `imenu-generic-skip-comments-and-strings'."
    (setq imenu-generic-skip-comments-and-strings  (not imenu-generic-skip-comments-and-strings))
    (imenu--menubar-select imenu--rescan-item)
    (message "Ignoring definitions inside comments and strings is now %s"
             (if imenu-generic-skip-comments-and-strings 'ON 'OFF))))

;; REPLACE ORIGINAL in `imenu.el'.
;; Respect `imenup-sort-ignores-case-flag'
(defun imenu--sort-by-name (item1 item2)
  "Return non-nil if ITEM1 comes before ITEM2 alphabetically.
The arguments are menu items, which have form (NAME . POSITION).
Their NAMEs are compared.

Comparison is case-sensitive if `imenup-sort-ignores-case-flag' is
non-nil.  You can toggle that option using `\\[imenup-toggle-sort]'."
  (let ((name1  (car item1))
        (name2  (car item2)))
    (when imenup-sort-ignores-case-flag (setq name1  (upcase name1)
                                              name2  (upcase name2)))
    (string-lessp name1 name2)))

(defun imenup-add-defs-to-menubar ()
  "Add \"Defs\" imenu entry to menu bar for current local keymap.
See `imenu' for more information."
  (imenu-add-to-menubar "Defs"))

(defun imenup--sort-submenu (submenu predicate)
  "Create an imenu SUBMENU, sorting with PREDICATE."
  (let ((menu-name   (car submenu))
        (menu-items  (cdr submenu)))
    (cons menu-name (if (imenu--subalist-p submenu)
                        ;; Must copy, because MENU-ITEMS can be part of `imenu--index-alist'.
                        (sort (copy-sequence menu-items) predicate)

;; REPLACE ORIGINAL in `imenu.el'.
;; Correctly handle special menu items (distinguish from submenus).  Fixes Emacs bug #12717.
(defun imenu--split-submenus (alist)
  "Split up each long alist that are nested within ALIST into nested alists.
Return a split and sorted copy of ALIST.  The returned alist DOES
NOT share structure with ALIST."
  (mapcar (lambda (elt)
            (if (imenu--subalist-p elt)
                (imenu--split-menu (cdr elt) (car elt))

;; REPLACE ORIGINAL in `imenu.el'.
;; Sort each submenu before splitting submenus, in addition to sorting among submenus.
(defun imenu-update-menubar ()
  "Update the Imenu menu.  Use as `menu-bar-update-hook'."
  (when (and (current-local-map)
             (keymapp (lookup-key (current-local-map) [menu-bar index]))
             (or (not (boundp 'imenu-menubar-modified-tick))
                 (/= (buffer-chars-modified-tick) imenu-menubar-modified-tick))) ; Emacs 22+
    (when (boundp 'imenu-menubar-modified-tick) ; Emacs 22+
      (setq imenu-menubar-modified-tick  (buffer-chars-modified-tick)))
    (let ((index-alist  (imenu--make-index-alist t)))
      ;; Don't bother updating if the index-alist has not changed
      ;; since the last time we did it.
      (unless (equal index-alist imenu--last-menubar-index-alist)
        (let (menu menu1 old)
          (setq imenu--last-menubar-index-alist  index-alist
                index-alist                      (imenu--split-submenus
                                                  (if imenu-sort-function
                                                      (mapcar (lambda (sm)
                                                                 sm imenu-sort-function))
                menu                             (imenu--split-menu index-alist (buffer-name))
                menu1                            (if (>= emacs-major-version 22)
                                                      (car menu)
                                                      (cdr (if (< 1 (length (cdr menu)))
                                                             (car (cdr menu))))
                                                    (car menu)
                                                    (if (< 1 (length (cdr menu)))
                                                        (cdr menu)
                                                      (cdr (car (cdr menu))))
                old                              (lookup-key (current-local-map) [menu-bar index]))
	  ;; Next line was added in vanilla Emacs 24, with the comment.
          ;; This should never happen, but in some odd cases, potentially,
	  ;; lookup-key may return a dynamically composed keymap.
	  (when (keymapp (cadr old)) (setq old  (cadr old)))
          (setcdr old (cdr menu1)))))))

 (when (< emacs-major-version 22)

   ;; REPLACE ORIGINAL in `imenu.el'.
   ;; Use Emacs 22+ definition, which is vacuous.  Otherwise, if byte-compile in Emacs < 22 and use
   ;; the byte-compiled file in Emacs 22+, then get runtime error:
   ;; `Error in menu-bar-update-hook: (void-variable imenu-scanning-message)'.
   (defmacro imenu-progress-message (prevpos &optional relpos reverse)   )))

;; REPLACE ORIGINAL in `imenu.el'.
;; 1. Add Imenu+ toggle commands to menu.
;; 2. If you use Bookmark+ then also (optionally) add bookmarks to menu.
(defun imenu--make-index-alist (&optional noerror)
  "Create an index alist for the definitions in the current buffer.
Include menu items for Imenu+ toggle commands, plus `*Rescan*'.
This works by using the hook function `imenu-create-index-function'.
Report an error if the list is empty unless NOERROR is supplied and
non-nil.  See `imenu--index-alist' for the format of the index alist."
  (or (and imenu--index-alist
           (or (not imenu-auto-rescan)
               (and imenu-auto-rescan  (> (buffer-size) imenu-auto-rescan-maxout))))
      ;; Get the index; truncate if necessary
      (progn (setq imenu--index-alist
                   (save-excursion (save-restriction (widen) (funcall imenu-create-index-function))))
             (imenu--truncate-items imenu--index-alist)))
  (or imenu--index-alist  noerror
      (if (fboundp 'user-error)
          (user-error "No items suitable for an index found in this buffer")
        (error "No items suitable for an index found in this buffer")))
  (or imenu--index-alist  (setq imenu--index-alist  (list nil)))
  (let ((bookmarks-available-here-p  (and (fboundp 'bmkp-exists-bookmark-satisfying-p)
                                           (if (buffer-file-name) #'bmkp-this-file-p #'bmkp-this-buffer-p)))))
    (append (cons imenu--rescan-item    ; `*Rescan*'.
                  (append (and bookmarks-available-here-p
                               `(("Toggle Showing Bookmarks Here" IGNORE
                                  (lambda (&rest _ignore) (imenup-toggle-showing-bookmarks)))))
                          (cons '("Toggle Case-Sensitive Name-Sort" IGNORE
                                  (lambda (&rest _ignore) (imenup-toggle-case-sensitive-sorting)))
                                (cons '("Toggle Sorting" IGNORE (lambda (&rest _ignore) (imenup-toggle-sort)))
                                      (if (fboundp 'imenup-toggle-ignoring-comments)
                                          (cons '("Toggle Ignoring Commented Defs" IGNORE
                                                  (lambda (&rest _ignore) (imenup-toggle-ignoring-comments)))
            (and imenup-show-bookmarks-flag
                 `(("Bookmarks Here" .
                        (lambda (bmk)
                          (cons (bookmark-name-from-record bmk) (bookmark-get-position bmk)))
                     (,@(and (not imenu-sort-function) '("----" IGNORE ignore)))
                     ("Next Bookmark Here" IGNORE
                      (lambda (&rest _ignore)
                        (bmkp-next-bookmark-this-file/buffer-repeat current-prefix-arg)))
                     ("Previous Bookmark Here" IGNORE
                      (lambda (&rest _ignore)
                        (bmkp-previous-bookmark-this-file/buffer-repeat current-prefix-arg)))
                     ("Show Bookmark List for All Bookmarks Here" IGNORE
                      (lambda (&rest _ignore) (bmkp-this-file/buffer-bmenu-list))))))))))

;; Same as `thgcmd-invisible-p' in `thing-cmds.el', and `icicle-invisible-p' in `icicles-cmd2.el'.
(defun imenup-invisible-p (position)
  "Return non-nil if the character at POSITION is invisible."
  (if (fboundp 'invisible-p)            ; Emacs 22+
      (invisible-p position)
    (let ((prop  (get-char-property position 'invisible))) ; Overlay or text property.
      (if (eq buffer-invisibility-spec t)
        (or (memq prop buffer-invisibility-spec)  (assq prop buffer-invisibility-spec))))))

;; If you use library `find-where.el' then you can get Imenu menus for things at point and any positions
;; where some predicate starts to return true.
(when (featurep 'find-where)

  (defun find-where ()
    "Function used as REGEXP entry of a generic-expression definition matcher.
This uses `gw-to-previous-thing' to locate a THING beginning.  On
first invocation it prompts for the THING.

Instead of that prompting, which is one-time only, use this function
only to define a function that uses a specific kind of THING.  An
example of such a function is `find-where-list'."

  (defun find-where-1 (&optional thing)
    "Helper for defining `find-where-THING' function."
    (let* ((res    (gw-to-previous-thing thing))
           (beg    (car res))
           (beg    (if imenu-use-markers (copy-marker beg) beg))
           (thing  (cadr res))
           (end    (and (consp res)  (cddr res)))
           (end    (if imenu-use-markers (copy-marker end) end)))
      (when res (set-match-data (list beg end)))
      (and res  (format "%s" res))))    ; Convert to string.

  (defun find-where-list ()
    "Generic-expression definition matcher for Lisp lists.
Use it in an `imenu-generic-expression' value as follows:

 \(list \"Lists\" 'find-where-list 0)"
    (find-where-1 'list))

  (defun find-where-string ()
    "Generic-expression definition matcher for Lisp strings.
Use it in an `imenu-generic-expression' value as follows:

 \(list \"Strings\" 'find-where-string 0)"
    (find-where-1 'string))

  (defun find-where-vector ()
    "Generic-expression definition matcher for Lisp vectors.
Use it in an `imenu-generic-expression' value as follows:

 \(list \"Vectors\" 'find-where-vector 0)"
    (find-where-1 'vector))

  (defun find-where-number ()
    "Generic-expression definition matcher for numbers.
Use it in an `imenu-generic-expression' value as follows:

 \(list \"Numbers\" 'find-where-number 0)"
    (find-where-1 'number))

  (defun find-where-decimal-number ()
    "Generic-expression definition matcher for decimal numbers.
Use it in an `imenu-generic-expression' value as follows:

 \(list \"Decimal Numbers\" 'find-where-decimal-number 0)"
    (find-where-1 'decimal-number))

  (defun find-where-hex-number ()
    "Generic-expression definition matcher for hexadecimal numbers.
Use it in an `imenu-generic-expression' value as follows:

 \(list \"Hex Numbers\" 'find-where-hex-number 0)"
    (find-where-1 'hex-number))

  (defun find-where-symbol ()
    "Generic-expression definition matcher for symbols.
Use it in an `imenu-generic-expression' value as follows:

 \(list \"Symbols\" 'find-where-symbol 0)"
    (find-where-1 'symbol))

  (defun find-where-sexp ()
    "Generic-expression definition matcher for Lisp S-expressions.
Use it in an `imenu-generic-expression' value as follows:

 \(list \"Sexps\" 'find-where-sexp 0)"
    (find-where-1 'sexp))

  (defun find-where-color ()
    "Generic-expression definition matcher for color names and hex RGB.
Use it in an `imenu-generic-expression' value as follows:

 \(list \"Colors\" 'find-where-color 0)"
    (find-where-1 'color))

  (defun find-where-word ()
    "Generic-expression definition matcher for words.
Use it in an `imenu-generic-expression' value as follows:

 \(list \"Words\" 'find-where-word 0)"
    (find-where-1 'word))

  (defun find-where-sentence ()
    "Generic-expression definition matcher for sentences.
Use it in an `imenu-generic-expression' value as follows:

 \(list \"Sentences\" 'find-where-sentence 0)"
    (find-where-1 'sentence))

  (defun find-where-paragraph ()
    "Generic-expression definition matcher for paragraphs.
Use it in an `imenu-generic-expression' value as follows:

 \(list \"Paragraphs\" 'find-where-paragraph 0)"
    (find-where-1 'paragraph))


;; REPLACE ORIGINAL  in `imenu.el'.
;; 1. Ignore invisible definitions.
;; 2. Move to START before checking whether inside a comment or string.  Emacs bug #32024.
;; 3. Remove any empty menus added (e.g. skipping things inside comments & strings).  Emacs bug #32024.
(defun imenu--generic-function (patterns)
  "Return an index alist of the current buffer based on PATTERNS.
PATTERNS is an alist with elements that look like this:
or like this:
with zero or more ARGUMENTS.  The former format creates a simple
element in the index alist when it matches; the latter creates a
special element of the form (INDEX-NAME POSITION-MARKER FUNCTION

MENU-TITLE is a string used as the title for the submenu or nil if the
entries (matches for this alist element) are to be at the top level of
the menu, not nested.

REGEXP is a regular-expression string to match a construct in the
buffer that is to be displayed in the menu; i.e., function or variable
definitions, etc.  It contains a substring which is the name to appear
in the menu.

REGEXP can instead be a function, called without arguments.  It is
expected to search backwards.  It must return true and set
`match-data' if it finds another element.

INDEX is an integer specifying which substring of REGEXP matches the
definition name (e.g., name of the function, variable or type) that is
to appear in the menu.

FUNCTION, if present, specifies a function to call when the index item
is chosen by the user.  It is called with, as arguments, the item
name, the buffer position, and the elements of list ARGUMENTS.

Variable `imenu-case-fold-search' determines whether or not the regexp
matches are case sensitive, and `imenu-syntax-alist' can be used to
alter the syntax table for the search.

See `lisp-imenu-generic-expression' for an example of PATTERNS.

Returns an index of the current buffer as an alist.  The elements in
the alist look like (INDEX-NAME . INDEX-POSITION) or like
nested index alists like: (INDEX-NAME . INDEX-ALIST), depending on
  (let ((index-alist       (list 'dummy))
        (case-fold-search  (if (or (local-variable-p 'imenu-case-fold-search)
                                   (not (local-variable-p 'font-lock-defaults)))
                             (nth 2 font-lock-defaults)))
        (old-table         (syntax-table))
        (table             (copy-syntax-table (syntax-table)))
        (slist             imenu-syntax-alist)
    (dolist (syn  slist)                ; Modify the syntax table used while matching regexps.
      (if (numberp (car syn))           ; The char(s) to modify may be a single char or a string.
          (modify-syntax-entry (car syn) (cdr syn) table)
        (mapc (lambda (c) (modify-syntax-entry c (cdr syn) table)) (car syn))))
    (goto-char (point-max))
    ;; (imenu-progress-message prev-pos 0 t)
    (unwind-protect			; for syntax table
           (set-syntax-table table)
           (dolist (pat  patterns)      ; Map over the elements of `imenu-generic-expression'.
             (let ((menu-title  (car pat))
                   (regexp      (nth 1 pat))
                   (index       (nth 2 pat))
                   (function    (nth 3 pat))
                   (rest        (nthcdr 4 pat))
                   start beg)
               (goto-char (point-max))  ; Go backwards for convenience of adding items in order.
               (while (and (if (functionp regexp)
                               (funcall regexp)
                             (and (re-search-backward regexp nil t)
                                  ;; Do not count invisible definitions.
                                  (let ((invis  (imenup-invisible-p (point))))
                                    (or (not invis)
                                          (while (and invis  (not (bobp)))
                                            (setq invis  (not (re-search-backward regexp nil 'MOVE))))
                                          (not invis))))))
                           ;; Exit loop if empty match -it means a bad regexp was specified.
                           (not (= (match-beginning 0) (match-end 0))))
                 (setq start  (point))
                 ;; Record the start of the line in which the match starts.
                 ;; That's the official position of this definition.
                 (goto-char (match-beginning index))
                 (setq beg  (point))
                 ;; (imenu-progress-message prev-pos nil t)
                 ;; Add this sort of submenu only when find an item for it, to avoid empty menus.
                 (unless (assoc menu-title index-alist) (push (list menu-title) index-alist))
                 (when imenu-use-markers (setq beg  (copy-marker beg)))
                 (let ((item  (if function
                                  (nconc (list (match-string-no-properties index) beg function)
                                (cons (match-string-no-properties index) beg)))
                       ;; This is the desired submenu, starting with its title (or nil).
                       (menu (assoc menu-title index-alist)))
                   ;; Insert item unless already present or in a comment or string being ignored.
                   (unless (or (member item (cdr menu))
                               (and (fboundp 'syntax-ppss)
                                    ;; Go to START before checking.  Fixes Emacs bug #32024
                                    (save-excursion (goto-char start) (nth 8 (syntax-ppss)))))
                     (setcdr menu (cons item (cdr menu)))))
                 ;; Go to the start of the match, to make sure we keep making progress backwards.
                 (goto-char start))))
           (set-syntax-table old-table)))
    ;; (imenu-progress-message prev-pos 100 t)
    ;; Sort each submenu by position.
    ;; This is in case one submenu gets items from two different regexps.
    (dolist (item  index-alist)
      (when (listp item) (setcdr item (sort (cdr item) 'imenu--sort-by-position))))
    ;; Remove any empty menus.  That can happen because of skipping things inside comments or strings.
    ;; Fixes Emacs bug #32024
    (setq index-alist (imenup-delete-if (lambda (it) (and (consp it)  (null (cdr it)))) index-alist))
    (let ((main-element  (assq nil index-alist)))
      (nconc (delq main-element (delq 'dummy index-alist)) (cdr main-element)))))

;; REPLACE ORIGINAL in `imenu.el'.
;; Sort each submenu before splitting submenus, instead of sorting among submenus after.
(defun imenu--mouse-menu (index-alist event &optional title)
  "Let the user select from a buffer index from a mouse menu.
INDEX-ALIST is the buffer index.
EVENT is a mouse event.
TITLE is the menu title.
Returns t for rescan, or else an element or subelement of INDEX-ALIST."
  (setq index-alist  (imenu--split-submenus
                      (if imenu-sort-function
                          (mapcar (lambda (sm) (imenup--sort-submenu sm imenu-sort-function))
  (if (>= emacs-major-version 22)
      (let* ((menu  (imenu--split-menu index-alist (or title  (buffer-name))))
             (map   (imenu--create-keymap (car menu)
                                          (cdr (if (< 1 (length (cdr menu)))
                                                 (car (cdr menu)))))))
        (popup-menu map event))
    (let ((menu  (imenu--split-menu index-alist (or title  (buffer-name))))
      (setq menu      (if (>= emacs-major-version 22)
                          (imenu--create-keymap (car menu)
                                                (cdr (if (< 1 (length (cdr menu))) menu (cadr menu))))
                        (imenu--create-keymap-1 (car menu)
                                                (if (< 1 (length (cdr menu))) (cdr menu) (cdr (cadr menu)))))
            position  (x-popup-menu event menu))
      (cond ((eq position nil)
            ;; If one call to x-popup-menu handled the nested menus, find the result by looking down
            ;; the menus here.
            ((and (listp position)  (numberp (car position))  (stringp (nth (1- (length position))
             (let ((final  menu))
               (while position
                 (setq final     (assq (car position) final)
                       position  (cdr position)))
               (or (string= (car final) (car imenu--rescan-item))  (nthcdr 3 final))))
            ;; If x-popup-menu went just one level and found a leaf item, return the INDEX-ALIST
            ;; element for that.
            ((and (consp position)  (stringp (car position))  (null (cdr position)))
             (or (string= (car position) (car imenu--rescan-item))
                 (assq (car position) index-alist)))
            ;; If x-popup-menu went just one level and found a non-leaf item (a submenu),
            ;; recurse to handle the rest.
            ((listp position)
             (imenu--mouse-menu position event (if title
                                                   (concat title imenu-level-separator
                                                           (car (rassq position index-alist)))
                                                 (car (rassq position index-alist)))))))))
;; Same as `doremi-delete-if'.
(defun imenup-delete-if (predicate xs)
  "Remove all elements of list XS that satisfy PREDICATE.
This operation is destructive, reusing conses of XS whenever possible."
  (while (and xs  (funcall predicate (car xs)))
    (setq xs  (cdr xs)))
  (let ((cl-p  xs))
    (while (cdr cl-p)
      (if (funcall predicate (cadr cl-p))
          (setcdr cl-p (cddr cl-p))
        (setq cl-p  (cdr cl-p)))))


(provide 'imenu+)

;;; imenu+.el ends here