;;; mk-project.el ---  Lightweight project handling

;; Copyright (C) 2010  Matt Keller <mattkeller at gmail dot com>
;; This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
;; modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
;; published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or
;; (at your option) any later version.
;; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with GNU Emacs; see the file COPYING.  If not, write to the
;; Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330,
;; Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.

;;; Commentary:

;; Quickly switch between projects and perform operations on a
;; per-project basis. A 'project' in this sense is a directory of
;; related files, usually a directory of source files. Projects are
;; defined in pure elisp with the 'project-def' function. No
;; mk-project-specific files are required in the project's base
;; directory.

;; More information about this library, including the most recent
;; version and a comprehensive README, is available at

;;; Code:

(require 'grep)
(require 'thingatpt)
(require 'cl)

(defvar mk-proj-version "1.5.1"
  "As tagged at")

;; ---------------------------------------------------------------------
;; Project Variables
;; These variables are set when a project is loaded and nil'd out when
;; unloaded. These symbols are the same as defined in the 2nd parameter
;; to project-def except for their "mk-proj-" prefix.
;; ---------------------------------------------------------------------

(defvar mk-proj-name nil
  "Name of the current project. Required. First argument to project-def.")

(defvar mk-proj-basedir nil
  "Base directory of the current project. Required. Value is expanded with
expand-file-name. Example: ~me/my-proj/.")

(defvar mk-proj-src-patterns nil
  "List of shell patterns to include in the TAGS file. Optional. Example:
'(\"*.java\" \"*.jsp\").

This value is not used when `mk-proj-src-find-cmd' is set.")

(defvar mk-proj-ignore-patterns nil
  "List of shell patterns to avoid searching for with project-find-file and
project-grep. Optional. Example: '(\"*.class\").

This value is not used in indexing when `mk-proj-index-find-cmd'
is set -- or in grepping when `mk-proj-grep-find-cmd' is set.")

(defvar mk-proj-ack-args nil
  "String of arguments to pass to the `ack' command. Optional.
Example: \"--java\".")

(defvar mk-proj-vcs nil
  "When set to one of the VCS types in `mk-proj-vcs-path', grep
and index commands will ignore the VCS's private files (e.g.,
.CVS/). Example: 'git.

This value is not used in indexing when `mk-proj-index-find-cmd'
is set -- or in grepping when `mk-proj-grep-find-cmd' is set.")

; TODO: support multiple tags file via tags-table-list
(defvar mk-proj-tags-file nil
  "Path to the TAGS file for this project. Optional. Use an absolute path,
not one relative to basedir. Value is expanded with expand-file-name.")

(defvar mk-proj-compile-cmd nil
  "Command to build the entire project. Can be either a string specifying 
a shell command or the name of a function. Optional. Example: make -k.")

(defvar mk-proj-startup-hook nil
  "Hook function to run after the project is loaded. Optional. Project
variables (e.g. mk-proj-basedir) will be set and can be referenced from this

(defvar mk-proj-shutdown-hook nil
  "Hook function to run after the project is unloaded. Optional.  Project
variables (e.g. mk-proj-basedir) will still be set and can be referenced
from this function.")

(defvar mk-proj-file-list-cache nil
  "Cache *file-index* buffer to this file. Optional. If set, the *file-index*
buffer will take its initial value from this file and updates to the buffer
via 'project-index' will save to this file. Value is expanded with

(defvar mk-proj-open-files-cache nil
  "Cache the names of open project files in this file. Optional. If set,
project-load will open all files listed in this file and project-unload will
write all open project files to this file. Value is expanded with

(defvar mk-proj-src-find-cmd nil
  "Specifies a custom \"find\" command to locate all files to be
included in the TAGS file (see `project-tags'). Optional. The
value is either a string or a function of one argument that
returns a string. The argument to the function will be the symbol

If non-null (or if the function returns non-null), the custom
find command will be used and the `mk-proj-src-patterns' and
`mk-proj-vcs' settings are ignored when finding files to include
in TAGS.")

(defvar mk-proj-grep-find-cmd nil
  "Specifies a custom \"find\" command to use as the default when
running `project-grep'. Optional. The value is either a string or
a function of one argument that returns a string. The argument to
the function will be the symbol \"'grep\". The string or returned
string MUST use find's \"-print0\" argument as the results of
this command are piped to \"xargs -0 ...\".

If non-null (or if the function returns non-null), the custom
find command will be used and the `mk-proj-ignore-patterns' and
`mk-proj-vcs' settings will not be used in the grep command.

The custom find command should use \".\" (current directory) as
the path that find starts at -- this will allow the C-u argument
to `project-grep' to run the command from the current buffer's

(defvar mk-proj-index-find-cmd nil
  "Specifies a custom \"find\" command to use when building an
listing of all files in the project (to be used by
`project-find-file'). Optional. The value is either a string or a
function of one argument that returns a string. The argument to
the function will be the symbol \"'index\".

If non-null (or if the function returns non-null), the custom
find command will be used and the `mk-proj-ignore-patterns' and
`mk-proj-vcs' settings are not used when in the grep command.")

(defconst mk-proj-fib-name "*file-index*"
  "Buffer name of the file-list cache. This buffer contains a
list of all the files under the project's basedir (minus those
matching ignore-patterns) or, if index-find-cmd is set, the list
of files found by calling the custom find command.  The list is
used by `project-find-file' to quickly locate project files.")

(defconst mk-proj-vcs-path '((git . "'*/.git/*'")
                             (cvs . "'*/.CVS/*'")
                             (svn . "'*/.svn/*'")
                             (bzr . "'*/.bzr/*'")
                             (hg  . "'*/.hg/*'")
                             (darcs . "'*/_darcs/*'"))
  "When `mk-proj-vcs' is one of the VCS types listed here, ignore
the associated paths when greping or indexing the project. This
value is not used if a custom find command is set in
`mk-proj-grep-find-cmd' or `mk-proj-index-find-cmd'")

(defconst mk-proj-proj-vars '(mk-proj-name
  "List of all our project settings")

;; ---------------------------------------------------------------------
;; Customization
;; ---------------------------------------------------------------------

(defgroup mk-project nil
  "A programming project management library."
  :group 'tools)

(defcustom mk-proj-ack-respect-case-fold t
  "If on and case-fold-search is true, project-ack will ignore case by passing \"-i\" to ack."
  :type 'boolean
  :group 'mk-project)

(defcustom mk-proj-use-ido-selection nil
  "If ido-mode is available, use ido selection where appropriate."
  :type 'boolean
  :group 'mk-project)

(defcustom mk-proj-ack-cmd (if (eq system-type 'windows-nt) "" "ack")
  "Name of the ack program to run. Defaults to \"ack\" (or \"\" on Windows)."
  :type 'string
  :group 'mk-project)

(defcustom mk-proj-file-index-relative-paths t
  "If non-nil, generate relative path names in the file-index buffer"
  :type 'boolean
  :group 'mk-project)

(defcustom mk-proj-menu-on t
  "If non-nil, define the 'mk-project' menu in the menu-bar at
load time. See also `project-menu-remove'."
  :type 'boolean
  :group 'mk-project)

;; ---------------------------------------------------------------------
;; Utils
;; ---------------------------------------------------------------------

(defun mk-proj-replace-tail (str tail-str replacement)
  (if (string-match (concat tail-str "$")  str)
    (replace-match replacement t t str)

(defun mk-proj-assert-proj ()
  (unless mk-proj-name
    (error "No project is set!")))

(defun mk-proj-maybe-kill-buffer (bufname)
  (let ((b (get-buffer bufname)))
    (when b (kill-buffer b))))

(defun mk-proj-get-vcs-path ()
  (if mk-proj-vcs
      (cdr (assoc mk-proj-vcs mk-proj-vcs-path))

(defun mk-proj-has-univ-arg ()
  (eql (prefix-numeric-value current-prefix-arg) 4))

(defun mk-proj-names ()
  (let ((names nil))
    (maphash (lambda (k v) (add-to-list 'names k)) mk-proj-list)

(defun mk-proj-use-ido ()
  (and (boundp 'ido-mode) mk-proj-use-ido-selection))

(defun mk-proj-find-cmd-val (context)
  (let ((cmd (ecase context
               ('src   mk-proj-src-find-cmd)
               ('grep  mk-proj-grep-find-cmd)
               ('index mk-proj-index-find-cmd))))
    (if cmd
        (cond ((stringp cmd) cmd)
              ((functionp cmd) (funcall cmd context))
              (t (error "find-cmd is neither a string or a function")))

(defun mk-proj-filter (condp lst)
  (delq nil
        (mapcar (lambda (x) (and (funcall condp x) x)) lst)))

;; ---------------------------------------------------------------------
;; Project Configuration
;; ---------------------------------------------------------------------

(defvar mk-proj-list (make-hash-table :test 'equal))

(defun mk-proj-find-config (proj-name)
  (gethash proj-name mk-proj-list))

(defun project-def (proj-name config-alist)
  "Associate the settings in <config-alist> with project <proj-name>"
  (puthash proj-name config-alist mk-proj-list))

(defun mk-proj-defaults ()
  "Set all default values for project variables"
  (dolist (var mk-proj-proj-vars)
    (set var nil)))

(defun mk-proj-load-vars (proj-name proj-alist)
  "Set project variables from proj-alist"
  (labels ((config-val (key)
            (if (assoc key proj-alist)
                (car (cdr (assoc key proj-alist)))
           (maybe-set-var (var &optional fn)
             (let ((proj-var (intern (concat "mk-proj-" (symbol-name var))))
                   (val (config-val var)))
               (when val (setf (symbol-value proj-var) (if fn (funcall fn val) val))))))
    ;; required vars
    (setq mk-proj-name proj-name)
    (setq mk-proj-basedir (expand-file-name (config-val 'basedir)))
    ;; optional vars
    (dolist (v '(src-patterns ignore-patterns ack-args vcs
                 tags-file compile-cmd src-find-cmd grep-find-cmd
                 index-find-cmd startup-hook shutdown-hook))
      (maybe-set-var v))
    (maybe-set-var 'tags-file #'expand-file-name)
    (maybe-set-var 'file-list-cache #'expand-file-name)
    (maybe-set-var 'open-files-cache #'expand-file-name)))

(defun project-load (&optional name)
  "Load a project's settings."
  (catch 'project-load
    (let ((oldname mk-proj-name)
          (name (or name
                    (if (mk-proj-use-ido)
                        (ido-completing-read "Project Name (ido): "
                      (completing-read "Project Name: " (mk-proj-names))))))
      (unless (string= oldname name)
      (let ((proj-config (mk-proj-find-config name)))
        (if proj-config
            (mk-proj-load-vars name proj-config)
          (message "Project %s does not exist!" name)
          (throw 'project-load t)))
      (when (not (file-directory-p mk-proj-basedir))
        (message "Base directory %s does not exist!" mk-proj-basedir)
        (throw 'project-load t))
      (when (and mk-proj-vcs (not (mk-proj-get-vcs-path)))
        (message "Invalid VCS setting!")
        (throw 'project-load t))
      (message "Loading project %s ..." name)
      (cd mk-proj-basedir)
      (add-hook 'kill-emacs-hook 'mk-proj-kill-emacs-hook)
      (when mk-proj-startup-hook
        (run-hooks 'mk-proj-startup-hook))
      (message "Loading project %s done" name))))

(defun mk-proj-kill-emacs-hook ()
  "Ensure we save the open-files-cache info on emacs exit"
  (when (and mk-proj-name mk-proj-open-files-cache)

(defun project-unload ()
  "Unload the current project's settings after running the shutdown hook."
  (when mk-proj-name
    (message "Unloading project %s" mk-proj-name)
    (mk-proj-maybe-kill-buffer mk-proj-fib-name)
    (when (and (mk-proj-buffers)
               (y-or-n-p (concat "Close all " mk-proj-name " project files? "))
    (when mk-proj-shutdown-hook (run-hooks 'mk-proj-shutdown-hook)))
  (message "Project settings have been cleared"))

(defun project-close-files ()
  "Close all unmodified files that reside in the project's basedir"
  (let ((closed nil)
        (dirty nil)
        (basedir-len (length mk-proj-basedir)))
    (dolist (b (mk-proj-buffers))
       ((buffer-modified-p b)
        (push (buffer-name) dirty))
        (kill-buffer b)
        (push (buffer-name) closed))))
    (message "Closed %d buffers, %d modified buffers where left open"
             (length closed) (length dirty))))

(defun mk-proj-buffer-name (buf)
  "Return buffer's name based on filename or dired's location"
  (let ((file-name (or (buffer-file-name buf)
                       (with-current-buffer buf list-buffers-directory))))
    (if file-name
        (expand-file-name file-name)

(defun mk-proj-buffer-p (buf)
  "Is the given buffer in our project based on filename? Also detects dired buffers open to basedir/*"
  (let ((file-name (mk-proj-buffer-name buf)))
    (if (and file-name
             (string-match (concat "^" (regexp-quote mk-proj-basedir)) file-name))

(defun mk-proj-buffers ()
  "Get a list of buffers that reside in this project's basedir"
  (let ((buffers nil))
    (dolist (b (buffer-list))
      (when (mk-proj-buffer-p b) (push b buffers)))

(defun project-status ()
 "View project's variables."
 (if mk-proj-basedir
   (let ((b (get-buffer-create "*project-status*")))
     (with-current-buffer b
       (kill-region (point-min) (point-max))
       (dolist (v mk-proj-proj-vars)
         (insert (format "%-24s = %s\n" v (symbol-value v)))))
     (when (not (eq b (current-buffer)))
       (switch-to-buffer-other-window b)))
   (message "No project loaded.")))

;; ---------------------------------------------------------------------
;; Save/Restore open files
;; ---------------------------------------------------------------------

(defun mk-proj-save-open-file-info ()
  "Write the list of `files' to a file"
  (when mk-proj-open-files-cache
      (dolist (f (mapcar (lambda (b) (mk-proj-buffer-name b)) (mk-proj-buffers)))
        (when f
          (unless (string-equal mk-proj-tags-file f)
            (insert f "\n"))))
      (if (file-writable-p mk-proj-open-files-cache)
            (write-region (point-min)
            (message "Wrote open files to %s" mk-proj-open-files-cache))
        (message "Cannot write to %s" mk-proj-open-files-cache)))))

(defun mk-proj-visit-saved-open-files ()
  (when mk-proj-open-files-cache
    (when (file-readable-p mk-proj-open-files-cache)
      (message "Reading open files from %s" mk-proj-open-files-cache)
        (insert-file-contents mk-proj-open-files-cache)
        (goto-char (point-min))
        (while (not (eobp))
          (let ((start (point)))
            (while (not (eolp)) (forward-char)) ; goto end of line
            (let ((line (buffer-substring start (point))))
              (message "Attempting to open %s" line)
              (find-file-noselect line t)))

;; ---------------------------------------------------------------------
;; Etags
;; ---------------------------------------------------------------------

(defun mk-proj-tags-load ()
  "Load TAGS file (if tags-file set)"
  (setq tags-file-name  mk-proj-tags-file
        tags-table-list nil)
  (when (and mk-proj-tags-file (file-readable-p mk-proj-tags-file))
    (visit-tags-table mk-proj-tags-file)))

(defun mk-proj-tags-clear ()
  "Clear the TAGS file (if tags-file set)"
  (when (and mk-proj-tags-file (get-file-buffer mk-proj-tags-file))
    (mk-proj-maybe-kill-buffer (get-file-buffer mk-proj-tags-file)))
  (setq tags-file-name  nil
        tags-table-list nil))

(defun mk-proj-etags-cb (process event)
  "Visit tags table when the etags process finishes."
  (message "Etags process %s received event %s" process event)
  (kill-buffer (get-buffer "*etags*"))
   ((string= event "finished\n")
    (message "Refreshing TAGS file %s...done" mk-proj-tags-file))
   (t (message "Refreshing TAGS file %s...failed" mk-proj-tags-file))))

(defun project-tags ()
  "Regenerate the project's TAG file. Runs in the background."
  (if mk-proj-tags-file
      (let* ((tags-file-name (file-name-nondirectory mk-proj-tags-file))
             ;; If the TAGS file is in the basedir, we can generate
             ;; relative filenames which will allow the TAGS file to
             ;; be relocatable if moved with the source. Otherwise,
             ;; run the command from the TAGS file's directory and
             ;; generate absolute filenames.
             (relative-tags (string= (file-name-as-directory mk-proj-basedir)
                                     (file-name-directory mk-proj-tags-file)))
             (default-directory (file-name-as-directory
                                 (file-name-directory mk-proj-tags-file)))
             (default-find-cmd (concat "find '" (if relative-tags "." mk-proj-basedir)
                                       "' -type f "
                                       (mk-proj-find-cmd-src-args mk-proj-src-patterns)))
             (etags-cmd (concat (or (mk-proj-find-cmd-val 'src) default-find-cmd)
                                " | etags -o '" tags-file-name "' - "))
             (proc-name "etags-process"))
        (message "project-tags default-dir %s" default-directory)
        (message "project-tags cmd \"%s\"" etags-cmd)
        (message "Refreshing TAGS file %s..." mk-proj-tags-file)
        (start-process-shell-command proc-name "*etags*" etags-cmd)
        (set-process-sentinel (get-process proc-name) 'mk-proj-etags-cb))
    (message "mk-proj-tags-file is not set")))

(defun mk-proj-find-cmd-src-args (src-patterns)
  "Generate the ( -name <pat1> -o -name <pat2> ...) pattern for find cmd"
  (if src-patterns
      (let ((name-expr " \\("))
        (dolist (pat src-patterns)
          (setq name-expr (concat name-expr " -name \"" pat "\" -o ")))
        (concat (mk-proj-replace-tail name-expr "-o " "") "\\) "))

(defun mk-proj-find-cmd-ignore-args (ignore-patterns)
  "Generate the -not ( -name <pat1> -o -name <pat2> ...) pattern for find cmd"
  (if ignore-patterns
      (concat " -not " (mk-proj-find-cmd-src-args ignore-patterns))

;; ---------------------------------------------------------------------
;; Grep
;; ---------------------------------------------------------------------

(defun project-grep (&optional phrase from-current-dir)
  "Run find-grep on the project's basedir, excluding files in 
mk-proj-ignore-patterns, tag files, etc.

If the phrase argument is not included, it will prompt for a
search phrase.  If the from-current-dir argument is true, or with
C-u prefix, start from the current directory."
  (let* ((wap (word-at-point))
         (regex (or phrase
                    (if wap (read-string (concat "Grep project for (default \"" wap "\"): ") nil nil wap)
                      (read-string "Grep project for: "))))
         (find-cmd "find . -type f")
         (grep-cmd (concat "grep -i -n \"" regex "\""))
         (default-directory (file-name-as-directory
                             (if (or from-current-dir (mk-proj-has-univ-arg))
    (when mk-proj-ignore-patterns
      (setq find-cmd (concat find-cmd (mk-proj-find-cmd-ignore-args mk-proj-ignore-patterns))))
    (when mk-proj-tags-file
      (setq find-cmd (concat find-cmd " -not -name 'TAGS'")))
    (when (mk-proj-get-vcs-path)
      (setq find-cmd (concat find-cmd " -not -path " (mk-proj-get-vcs-path))))
    (let* ((whole-cmd (concat (or (mk-proj-find-cmd-val 'grep)
                                  (concat find-cmd " -print0"))
                              " | xargs -0 -e " grep-cmd))
           (confirmed-cmd (read-string "Grep command: " whole-cmd nil whole-cmd)))
      (message "project-grep cmd: \"%s\"" confirmed-cmd)
      (grep-find confirmed-cmd))))

;; ---------------------------------------------------------------------
;; Ack (
;; ---------------------------------------------------------------------

(define-compilation-mode ack-mode "Ack" "Ack compilation mode." nil)

(defvar mk-proj-ack-default-args "--nocolor --nogroup")

(defun mk-proj-ack-cmd (regex)
  "Generate the ack command string given a regex to search for."
  (concat mk-proj-ack-cmd " "
          mk-proj-ack-default-args " "
          (if (and mk-proj-ack-respect-case-fold case-fold-search) "-i " "")
          mk-proj-ack-args " "

(defun project-ack (&optional phrase from-current-dir)
  "Run ack from project's basedir, using the `ack-args' configuration.
With C-u prefix, start ack from the current directory."
  (let* ((wap (word-at-point))
         (regex (or phrase
                    (if wap (read-string (concat "Ack project for (default \"" wap "\"): ") nil nil wap)
                  (read-string "Ack project for: "))))
         (whole-cmd (mk-proj-ack-cmd regex))
         (confirmed-cmd (read-string "Ack command: " whole-cmd nil whole-cmd))
         (default-directory (file-name-as-directory
                             (if (or from-current-dir (mk-proj-has-univ-arg))
    (compilation-start confirmed-cmd 'ack-mode)))

;; ---------------------------------------------------------------------
;; Compile
;; ---------------------------------------------------------------------

(defun project-compile (&optional opts)
 "Run the compile command (string or function) for this project."
 (let ((default-directory mk-proj-basedir))
   (cond ((stringp mk-proj-compile-cmd)
          (when (and (null opts) (called-interactively-p))
            (setq opts (read-string "Compile options: ")))
          (compile (concat mk-proj-compile-cmd " " opts)))
         ((fboundp mk-proj-compile-cmd)
          (cond ((commandp mk-proj-compile-cmd)
                 (call-interactively mk-proj-compile-cmd))
                 (funcall mk-proj-compile-cmd opts))
                (t (funcall mk-proj-compile-cmd))))
         (t (message "No compile command defined.")))))

;; ---------------------------------------------------------------------
;; Dired
;; ---------------------------------------------------------------------

(defun project-dired ()
  "Open dired in the project's basedir (or jump to the existing dired buffer)"
  (dired mk-proj-basedir))

;; ---------------------------------------------------------------------
;; Find-file
;; ---------------------------------------------------------------------

(defun mk-proj-fib-init ()
  "Either load the *file-index* buffer from the file cache, or create it afresh."
  (if (and mk-proj-file-list-cache
           (file-readable-p mk-proj-file-list-cache))
      (with-current-buffer (find-file-noselect mk-proj-file-list-cache)
          (with-current-buffer (rename-buffer mk-proj-fib-name)
            (setq buffer-read-only t)
            (set-buffer-modified-p nil)
            (message "Loading *file-index* from %s" mk-proj-file-list-cache)))

(defun mk-proj-fib-clear ()
  "Clear the contents of the fib buffer"
  (let ((buf (get-buffer mk-proj-fib-name)))
    (when buf
      (with-current-buffer buf
        (setq buffer-read-only nil)
        (kill-region (point-min) (point-max))
        (setq buffer-read-only t)))))

(defun mk-proj-fib-cb (process event)
  "Handle failure to complete fib building"
   ((string= event "finished\n")
    (with-current-buffer (get-buffer mk-proj-fib-name)
      (setq buffer-read-only t)
      (when mk-proj-file-list-cache
        (write-file mk-proj-file-list-cache)
        (rename-buffer mk-proj-fib-name)))
    (message "Refreshing %s buffer...done" mk-proj-fib-name))
    (message "Failed to generate the %s buffer!" mk-proj-fib-name))))

(defun project-index ()
  "Regenerate the *file-index* buffer that is used for project-find-file"
  (when mk-proj-file-list-cache
    (let* ((default-directory (file-name-as-directory mk-proj-basedir))
           (start-dir (if mk-proj-file-index-relative-paths "." mk-proj-basedir))
           (find-cmd (concat "find '" start-dir "' -type f "
                            (mk-proj-find-cmd-ignore-args mk-proj-ignore-patterns)))
           (proc-name "index-process"))
      (when (mk-proj-get-vcs-path)
        (setq find-cmd (concat find-cmd " -not -path " (mk-proj-get-vcs-path))))
      (setq find-cmd (or (mk-proj-find-cmd-val 'index) find-cmd))
      (with-current-buffer (get-buffer-create mk-proj-fib-name)
        (buffer-disable-undo) ;; this is a large change we don't need to undo
        (setq buffer-read-only nil))
      (message "project-index cmd: \"%s\"" find-cmd)
      (message "Refreshing %s buffer..." mk-proj-fib-name)
      (start-process-shell-command proc-name mk-proj-fib-name find-cmd)
      (set-process-sentinel (get-process proc-name) 'mk-proj-fib-cb))))

(defun mk-proj-fib-matches (regex)
  "Return list of files in *file-index* matching regex.

If regex is nil, return all files. Returned file paths are
relative to the project's basedir."
  (let ((files '()))
    (with-current-buffer mk-proj-fib-name
      (goto-char (point-min))
          (let ((raw-file (mk-proj-normalize-drive-letter
                              (line-beginning-position) (line-end-position)))))
            (when (> (length raw-file) 0)
              ;; file names in buffer can be absolute or relative to basedir
              (let ((file (if (file-name-absolute-p raw-file)
                              (file-relative-name raw-file mk-proj-basedir)
                (if regex
                    (when (string-match regex file) (add-to-list 'files file))
                  (add-to-list 'files file)))
              (= (forward-line) 0))))) ; loop test
      (sort files #'string-lessp))))

(defun mk-proj-normalize-drive-letter (file)
  "Convert drive letters to lowercase to be compatible with
file-relative-name, file-name-as-directory"
  (if (or (null file) (< (length file) 2))
    (let ((c1 (aref file 0))
          (c2 (aref file 1)))
      (if (and (= (aref ":" 0) c2)
               (and (>= c1 (aref "A" 0)) (<= c1 (aref "Z" 0))))
          (concat (char-to-string (+ c1 32)) (substring file 1))

(defun* project-find-file (regex)
  "Find file in the current project matching the given regex.

The files listed in buffer *file-index* are scanned for regex
matches. If only one match is found, the file is opened
automatically. If more than one match is found, prompt for
completion. See also: `project-index', `project-find-file-ido'."
  (interactive "sFind file in project matching: ")
  (unless (get-buffer mk-proj-fib-name)
    (message "Please use project-index to create the index before running project-find-file")
    (return-from "project-find-file" nil))
    (let* ((matches (mk-proj-fib-matches regex))
           (match-cnt (length matches)))
       ((= 0 match-cnt)
        (message "No matches for \"%s\" in this project" regex))
       ((= 1 match-cnt )
        (find-file (car matches)))
        (let ((file (if (mk-proj-use-ido)
                        (ido-completing-read "Multiple matches, pick one (ido): " matches)
                      (completing-read "Multiple matches, pick one: " matches))))
          (when file
            (find-file (concat (file-name-as-directory mk-proj-basedir) file))))))))

(defun* project-find-file-ido ()
  "Find file in the current project using 'ido'.

Choose a file to open from among the files listed in buffer
*file-index*.  The ordinary 'ido' methods allow advanced
selection of the file. See also: `project-index',
  (unless (get-buffer mk-proj-fib-name)
    (message "Please use project-index to create the index before running project-find-file-ido")
    (return-from "project-find-file-ido" nil))
  (let ((file (ido-completing-read "Find file in project matching (ido): "
                                   (mk-proj-fib-matches nil))))
    (when file
      (find-file (concat (file-name-as-directory mk-proj-basedir) file)))))

(defun project-multi-occur (regex)
  "Search all open project files for 'regex' using `multi-occur'"
  (interactive "sRegex: ")
  (multi-occur (mk-proj-filter (lambda (b) (if (buffer-file-name b) b nil)) 

;; ---------------------------------------------------------------------
;; Menus
;; ---------------------------------------------------------------------

(defun mk-proj-menu-item (key label fn &optional always-enabled-p)
  "Define a mk-project menu item that may not be enabled if a
project is not loaded."
  (let ((whole-key `[menu-bar mkproject ,key]))
    (define-key global-map whole-key
      `(menu-item ,label ,fn :enable ,(if always-enabled-p 't 'mk-proj-name)))))

(defun mk-proj-menu-item-separator (key)
  "Define a separator line in the mk-project menu."
  (define-key global-map `[menu-bar mkproject ,key] '(menu-item "--")))

(defun project-menu ()
  "Define a menu for mk-project operations."
  ;; define a menu in the top-level menu
    [menu-bar mkproject]
    (cons "mk-project" (make-sparse-keymap))

  ;; define the menu items in reverse order
  (mk-proj-menu-item 'tags   "Build TAGS"     'project-tags)
  (mk-proj-menu-item 'index  "Build Index"    'project-index)
  (mk-proj-menu-item-separator 's2)
  (mk-proj-menu-item 'dired  "Browse (dired)" 'project-dired)
  (mk-proj-menu-item 'comp   "Compile   "     'project-compile)
  (mk-proj-menu-item 'occur  "Multi-occur"    'project-multi-occur)
  (mk-proj-menu-item 'ack    "Ack"            'project-ack)
  (mk-proj-menu-item 'grep   "Grep"           'project-grep)
  (mk-proj-menu-item-separator 's1)
  (mk-proj-menu-item 'status "Status"         'project-status)
  (mk-proj-menu-item 'unload "Unload Project" 'project-unload)
  (mk-proj-menu-item 'load   "Load Project"   'project-load t))

(defun project-menu-remove ()
  "Remove the mk-project menu from the menu bar"
  (global-unset-key [menu-bar mkproject]))

(when mk-proj-menu-on 

(provide 'mk-project)

;;; mk-project.el ends here