piyo is my Internet nick (also piyokun). Clifford Caoile is my real name. My only contribution to Gnu Emacs is a fan web page (stale as of 2002).


I’ve been using Gnu Emacs in one form or another for more than 14 years. I like it! I am mainly a Meadow user, on Windows XP, because it works well with Japanese and MS-IME. I also use console-mode GNU Emacs on Debian and Gentoo. I like hanging out on irc://irc.freenode.org/emacs.

Hopefully I can contribute my experience to these pages!


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(originally in my intro) Right now (2004/07/10) I’m having a problem with using it on Windows XP with Japanese, either the gnudoit or emacs itself cannot handle Japanese characters in the path. Ugh.

Welcome to the wiki! I had Japanese working on NT Emacs for quite a while (right now I don’t have access to a Windows machine anymore). I wrote about the stuff I did on this wiki… Now I just have to find it again… :) The important part was to use BDF fonts, not a real Japanese font that comes with Windows. → FontSetsForNTEmacs. You probably already know about input-methods, so WritingJapanese is nothing new. When you write Japanese, and all you get is empty boxes, but you installed the fonts, then you need to switch the fontset. Use shift+mouse-1 and choose the fontset that includes the new fonts. In the example from the FontSetsForNTEmacs page, I think it is called “bdf” but I’m not sure. :) Good luck! – AlexSchroeder
Thanks the information. However the problem is with the file name encoding (like when using UNC “\\” notation), not the display. In any case, this 2 year problem is still not resolved totally to my satisfaction, but I work around it by copying the file to the local drive and editing it there. I also use Meadow 3.x (Emacs 22.0.50) in (set-language-environment “Japanese”) and it’s working well on Japanese Windows XP. --piyo