A clean and minimal activity tracker for rcirc, open for extensions.

Lives in a github repo since “version 1.0” (2012-04-15): https://github.com/TaylanUB/rcirc-activities/

The core “infrastructure” has no other purpose than to keep the ‘rcirc-activities/activities’ alist up-to-date, which associates buffers with a list of activity flags.

Any “frontend” can be used to actually make it usable.

The default front-end so far is the ‘rcirc-activities/switch-to-buffer’ function, which uses ido to show the selection of buffers in which activities are present. In this selection, buffer names are prefixed with “@” if the ‘mention’ flag is set (your nick appeared in a PRIVMSG), otherwise “.” if the ‘talk’ flag is set (a PRIVMSG was received), and otherwise blank if the ‘activity’ flag is set (any text was printed on the buffer). Buffers with no flags don’t appear in the list.

The author stopped using rcirc as of 2012-04-19, so development of rcirc-activities has stopped. Feel free to fork the github repo; there are unfixed bugs.