rcirc allows you to specify “boring” nicknames (e.g. those of bots) so that they don’t show up in tracked channel activity. By default, the nickname of the is also fontified using rcirc-dim-nick. This small piece of code advises rcirc-format-response-string so that the entire message sent by a dimmed nick is fontified using the rcirc-dim-nick face. This makes it easier to ignore bot responses and the like.


(defadvice rcirc-format-response-string (after dim-entire-line)
  "Dim whole line for senders whose nick matches `rcirc-dim-nicks'."
  (when (and rcirc-dim-nicks sender
             (string-match (regexp-opt rcirc-dim-nicks 'words) sender))
    (setq ad-return-value (rcirc-facify ad-return-value 'rcirc-dim-nick))))
(ad-activate 'rcirc-format-response-string)

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