For rcirc

21:11 <snan> on rcirc, how can i join passworded channels? /join
             tries to join multiple space-separated channels 
21:11 <snan> https://www.quakenet.org/help/general/what-channel-modes-are-available-on-quakenet
21:19 <snan> wow I managed to do it by evaluating
             (rcirc-send-string (rcirc-process-list) "JOIN
             #channelname password") directly
21:19 <snan> i don't get why there isn't a normal join
(defun-rcirc-command normal-join (channels)
  "Join one CHANNEL. Normally."
  (interactive "sJoin one channel: ")
  (rcirc-send-string process (concat "JOIN " channels)))
21:24 <snan> satisfied♥