Libnotify notifications for rcirc.



You can also download from marmalade-repo:

M-x package-install rcirc-notify

To install, put it in your LoadPath (or install from marmalade) and add the following to your InitFile:

    (eval-after-load 'rcirc '(require 'rcirc-notify))
    (eval-after-load 'rcirc '(rcirc-notify-add-hooks))

This library tries to use the following binaries to send the message:

Unsure where this is avaliable
Works with new notifications in Mac OSX > 10.8
Available in packages libnotify-bin on Ubuntu, for example
Newer Mac OSX
Older Mac OSX

How do I change the messages?

Redefine rcirc-notify-message, rcirc-notify-keyword and rcirc-notify-message-private. Use %s for where you want the name of the person calling your name to go.

How do I play a sound with the notification or perform some other action?

There’s a hook called rcirc-notify-page-me-hooks, just add your desired functionality there.


If you’re running Mac OS X 10.8 or newer (Mavericks up) install terminal-notifier which is free and integrates with the new notification system in OS X.

If you’re using an older version you need to use Growl. Install these applications:

rcirc-notify tries to find growlnotify like this:

(executable-find "growlnotify")

if you can get that to work then probably rcirc-notify will work as well.


Install Growl for Windows and run Growl.exe in order to start the server.

Register Emacs by running the following command from a shell, eg. from eshell: "/Program Files (x86)/Growl for Windows/growlnotify.exe" /t:IRC /ai:http://www.emacswiki.org/pics/static/CarbonEmacsPackageIcon.png /a:Emacs /r:IRC /n:IRC foo

Add the path to your exec-path:

(add-to-list 'exec-path "C:/Program Files (x86)/Growl for Windows")

Test it by evaluating (my-page-me "foo").

Problem: M-x – unfortunately Growl uses ‘M-x’ as a shortcut. You probably want to change this.

  1. quit Growl
  2. edit %USERPROFILE%\appdata\local\growl\\user.config
  3. replace “Alt+X” with “Alt-Shift-Y” or whatever suits you
  4. restart Growl

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