rcirc and iswitchb

If you don’t want to see rcirc buffers while you’re using ‘iswitchb-buffer’ (→ IswitchBuffers), consider ignoring them and use ‘C-n’ to toggle betweeen showing and hiding them.

Here’s a very simple solution:

    (add-to-list 'iswitchb-buffer-ignore "@")

If you don’t like it, reset ‘iswitchb-buffer-ignore’ to the default value:

    (setq iswitchb-buffer-ignore '("^ "))

A more involved solution that should ignore all target and process buffers rcirc knows about:

    (add-to-list 'iswitchb-buffer-ignore
		 (lambda (name)
		   (catch 'rcirc
		     (mapc (lambda (process)
			     (when (string= name (buffer-name (process-buffer process)))
			       (throw 'rcirc t))
			     (mapc (lambda (buffer)
				     (when (string= name (buffer-name buffer))
				       (throw 'rcirc t)))
				   (with-rcirc-process-buffer process
				     (mapcar 'cdr rcirc-buffer-alist))))