I’m Tim Chambers 1E4AF729D5CEFFD0. I love GnuEmacs. My initials are tbc. I’m an alum of MIT and started using emacs in January, 1981. It was written by RMS in TECO and ran on a DECSYSTEM-20 from a VT100 monochrome terminal.


03 Oct 16

Haven’t made it to a meetup yet. Halfway through HRS’ Org-mode talk (YouTube). Googled emacs philosophy today. Discovered Emacs is Dead. Also thinking about ViAndEmacs. What I want to do is explain what I mean by Emacs as an operating system. I sympathize with HRS, but my take is a little different. Pondering…

I no longer know what I meant by “library changes” in my contributions section below, and part of the URL set off the spam detector. This is just to remind me that I once cared.

15 Jun 16

My first Emacs commit!

03 May 16

Excited to discover Denver Emacs Meetup!

06 Apr 16

What I said March 18th on IRC at work. I wouldn’t recommend using Emacs unless one has an instance running all the time, uses emacsclient to edit from shells on the same machine, and uses TRAMP to edit remote files. Emacs is a UI to the OS. For quickly editing files I myself use vi or, occasionally, gedit.

To which I add: I refuse to use Emacs without my customizations.

Also, I joined the Church of Emacs but fear I will be banned as a heretic.

19 Oct 13 EasyPG rocks!

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Welcome to the wiki. – DrewAdams (who prefers Duvel ;-))

Thanks, Drew! I don’t see email from you, but I’ll make a special exception since you’re the first to send me WikiMail. 😊 Next time you’re in Colorado, give me a call (or SMS): plus one seven one nine three five seven seven eight two two. I’ll buy you a Duvel. ā€“ Tim