As of May 2009, the functionality of this package was integrated into org-mode. See the documentation for org-timer-set-timer for details (however this only works in org-mode buffers).


Tea-time is an extension to emacs. Kind of analog of gnome applet tea-time http://det.cable.nu/teatime/index.rbx?r=2.8.0

It allows you to set up time intervals and after this interval is elapsed, Emacs will notify you with sound and notification. It could be useful if you make a tea or if you would like to be more productive by setting time limit for a task.

If available, notification would be done with great tool mumbles ( http://www.mumbles-project.org ) If not, then simply use standard emacs message.


Tested on Emacs 23, but should work on any version.


1. Download from http://github.com/krick/tea-time/tree/master, or simply git clone git://github.com/krick/tea-time.git

2. Add tea-time directory to the load path, if needed (add-to-list "path-to-tea-time")

3. Add in your .emacs: (require 'tea-time)

4. Customize variable tea-time-sound via M-x customize or simply put (setq tea-time-sound "path-to-sound-file") in .emacs


	* Enter period in minutes if you want to start timer
        * Or press Enter without giving any number - if you would like to
        know how much time is left before the timer expires

See Also:

See TaskTimer for the inverse, i.e. start the timer (0:00) and then be able to determine how long the timer has been running (2 min 5 secs).