vc-darcs.el is an emacs script that has been written by Jorgen Schaefer and Juliusz Chroboczek.

From an email to the darcs-users list:

New features:

  - works with all variants of Darcs repositories (pristine-less, hashed,
    2.0, etc.);
  - integrates more smoothly with Emacs (thanks to whoever added the new VC
  - works through tramp (yay!).


  - requires a Darcs 2.* binary;
  - not tested with either Emacs 21 or XEmacs;
  - somewhat slower than the previous version, as it doesn't know about
    repository internals any longer.

More precisely, this version only makes the following assumptions about the format of Darcs repositories:

  1. the root of a Darcs repository is marked by the presence of a directory
     called _darcs;
  2. no files under _darcs are ever registered, except for files under

As long as these assumptions are satisfied, it will work with new variants of Darcs repositories.

The latest code can be found here.