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;;; wgrep.el --- Writable grep buffer and apply the changes to files

;; Author: Hayashi Masahiro <mhayashi1120@gmail.com>
;; Keywords: grep edit extensions
;; URL: http://github.com/mhayashi1120/Emacs-wgrep/raw/master/wgrep.el
;; URL: http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/download/wgrep.el
;; Emacs: GNU Emacs 22 or later
;; Version: 1.0.1

;; This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
;; modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
;; published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 3, or (at
;; your option) any later version.

;; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
;; WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; General Public License for more details.

;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with GNU Emacs; see the file COPYING.  If not, write to the
;; Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor,
;; Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.

;;; Commentary:

;; wgrep provides to edit grep buffer and to apply the changes to
;; the file buffer.

;;; Install:

;; Put this file into load-path'ed directory, and byte compile it if
;; desired. And put the following expression into your ~/.emacs.
;;     (require 'wgrep)

;;; Usage:

;; You can edit the text on *grep* buffer after type C-c C-p.
;; After that the changed text is highlighted.
;; Following keybind is defined.

;; C-c C-e : Apply the highlighting changes to file buffers.
;; C-c C-u : All changes are unmarked and ignored.
;; C-c C-d : Delete current line include new line.
;;           Command result immediately reflect to file buffer.
;; C-c C-r : Remove the highlight in the region (The Changes doesn't
;;           apply to files. Of course, if you type C-c C-e, the remained
;;           highlight changes are applied to files.)
;; C-c C-p : Toggle read-only area.
;; C-c C-k : Discard all changes and exit.
;; C-x C-q : Exit wgrep mode.

;; To save all buffers that wgrep changed by
;;   M-x wgrep-save-all-buffers

;;; History:

;; This program is forked version. Original version can be downloaded from
;; http://www.bookshelf.jp/elc/grep-edit.el

;; Following added implementations and differences.
;; * Support GNU grep context option -A -B and -C
;; * Some bugfix. (wrong coloring text etc..)
;; * wdired.el like interface.
;; * Remove all advice.
;; * Bind to local variables. (grep-a-lot.el works well)
;; * After save buffer, colored face will be removed.
;; * Change face easy to see.
;; * Reinforce checking error.
;; * Support removing whole line include new-line.
;; 2020-01-30 Max Mikhanosha
;; * Fix for Emacs 26, use the match group number from grep-regexp-alist when
;;   extracting line number instead of hardcoded (match-string 3), and ignore 
;;   the "Grep finished with N matches" line, which is somehow also matched 
;;   by Emacs-26 grep-regexp-alist

;;; Code:

  (require 'cl))

(require 'grep)

(defgroup wgrep nil
  "Customize wgrep"
  :group 'grep)

(defcustom wgrep-change-readonly-file nil
  "*Non-nil means to change read only files."
  :group 'wgrep
  :type 'boolean)

(defcustom wgrep-enable-key "\C-c\C-p"
  "*Key to enable `wgrep-mode'."
  :type 'string  
  :group 'wgrep)

(defvar wgrep-setup-hook nil
  "Hooks run when setup wgrep.")

(defface wgrep-face
  '((((class color)
      (background dark))
     (:background "SlateGray1" :weight bold :foreground "Black"))
    (((class color)
      (background light))
     (:background "ForestGreen" :weight bold :foreground "white"))
  "*Face used for the changed text on grep buffer."
  :group 'wgrep)

(defface wgrep-file-face
  '((((class color)
      (background dark))
     (:background "gray30" :weight bold :foreground "white"))
    (((class color)
      (background light))
     (:background "ForestGreen" :weight bold :foreground "white"))
  "*Face used for the changed text on file buffer."
  :group 'wgrep)

(defface wgrep-reject-face
  '((((class color)
      (background dark))
     (:foreground "hot pink" :weight bold))
    (((class color)
      (background light))
     (:foreground "red" :weight bold))
  "*Face used for the line on grep buffer that can not apply to file."
  :group 'wgrep)

(defface wgrep-done-face
  '((((class color)
      (background dark))
     (:foreground "LightSkyBlue" :weight bold))
    (((class color)
      (background light))
     (:foreground "blue" :weight bold))
  "*Face used for the line on grep buffer that can apply to file."
  :group 'wgrep)

(defvar wgrep-overlays nil)
(make-variable-buffer-local 'wgrep-overlays)

(defvar wgrep-file-overlays nil)
(make-variable-buffer-local 'wgrep-file-overlays)

(defvar wgrep-readonly-state nil)
(make-variable-buffer-local 'wgrep-readonly-state)

(defvar wgrep-each-other-buffer nil)
(make-variable-buffer-local 'wgrep-each-other-buffer)

;; Suppress elint warning
;; GNU Emacs have this variable at least version 21 or later
(defvar auto-coding-regexp-alist)

(defconst wgrep-line-file-regexp (nth 0 (car grep-regexp-alist)))
(defconst wgrep-line-expression (nth 2 (car grep-regexp-alist)))

(add-hook 'grep-setup-hook 'wgrep-setup)

(defvar wgrep-mode-map nil)
(unless wgrep-mode-map
  (setq wgrep-mode-map
        (let ((map (make-sparse-keymap)))

          (define-key map "\C-c\C-c" 'wgrep-finish-edit)
          (define-key map "\C-c\C-d" 'wgrep-flush-current-line)
          (define-key map "\C-c\C-e" 'wgrep-finish-edit)
          (define-key map "\C-c\C-p" 'wgrep-toggle-readonly-area)
          (define-key map "\C-c\C-r" 'wgrep-remove-change)
          (define-key map "\C-x\C-s" 'wgrep-finish-edit)
          (define-key map "\C-c\C-u" 'wgrep-remove-all-change)
          (define-key map "\C-c\C-[" 'wgrep-remove-all-change)
          (define-key map "\C-c\C-k" 'wgrep-abort-changes)
          (define-key map "\C-x\C-q" 'wgrep-exit)
          (define-key map "\C-m"     'ignore)
          (define-key map "\C-j"     'ignore)
          (define-key map "\C-o"     'ignore)


(defun wgrep-setup ()
  (define-key grep-mode-map wgrep-enable-key 'wgrep-change-to-wgrep-mode)
  ;; delete previous wgrep overlays
  (wgrep-cleanup-overlays (point-min) (point-max))
  (remove-hook 'post-command-hook 'wgrep-maybe-echo-error-at-point t)
  (run-hooks 'wgrep-setup-hook))

(defun wgrep-maybe-echo-error-at-point ()
  (when (null (current-message))
    (let ((o (find-if
              (lambda (o)
                (overlay-get o 'wgrep-reject-message))
              (overlays-in (line-beginning-position) (line-end-position)))))
      (when o
        (let (message-log-max)
          (message "%s" (overlay-get o 'wgrep-reject-message)))))))

(defun wgrep-set-readonly-area (state)
  (let ((inhibit-read-only t)
        (regexp (format "\\(?:%s\\|\n\\)" wgrep-line-file-regexp))
      (while (re-search-forward regexp nil t)
         (match-beginning 0) (match-end 0) state)))
    (setq wgrep-readonly-state state)))

(defun wgrep-after-change-function (beg end leng-before)
   ((= (point-min) (point-max))
    ;; cleanup when first executing
    (wgrep-cleanup-overlays (point-min) (point-max)))
    (wgrep-put-change-face beg end))))

(defun wgrep-get-line-info (&optional flush)
  (forward-line 0)
  (when (and (looking-at (concat wgrep-line-file-regexp "\\([^\n]*$\\)"))
             (match-string-no-properties wgrep-line-expression)) ;; stops at the "Grep finished with N matches string
    (let ((name (match-string-no-properties 1))
          (line (match-string-no-properties wgrep-line-expression))
          (text (and (not flush) (match-string-no-properties 4)))
          (start (match-beginning 4))
      (setq ov
             ;; get existing overlay
              (lambda (o)
                (memq (overlay-get o 'face) '(wgrep-reject-face wgrep-done-face)))
              (overlays-in start (line-end-position)))
             (wgrep-make-overlay start (line-end-position))))
      (list (expand-file-name name default-directory)
            (string-to-number line)

(put 'wgrep-error 'error-conditions '(wgrep-error error))
(put 'wgrep-error 'error-message "Applying error.")

(defun wgrep-get-file-buffer (file)
  (unless (file-exists-p file)
    (signal 'wgrep-error "File is not exists."))
  (unless (file-writable-p file)
    (signal 'wgrep-error "File is not writable."))
  (or (get-file-buffer file)
      (find-file-noselect file)))

(defun wgrep-check-buffer ()
  "Check the file status. If it is possible to change file, return t"
  (when (and (not wgrep-change-readonly-file)
    (signal 'wgrep-error (format "Buffer \"%s\" is read-only." (buffer-name)))))

;; not consider other edit. (ex: Undo or self-insert-command)
(defun wgrep-after-save-hook ()
  (remove-hook 'after-save-hook 'wgrep-after-save-hook t)
   (lambda (ov)
     (delete-overlay ov))
  (kill-local-variable 'wgrep-file-overlays))

(defun wgrep-apply-to-buffer (buffer info old-text)
  "*The changes on the grep buffer apply to the file"
  (with-current-buffer buffer
    (let ((line (nth 1 info))
          (new-text (nth 2 info))
          (result (nth 3 info))
          (inhibit-read-only wgrep-change-readonly-file))
        (wgrep-goto-line line)
        ;;FIXME simply do this?
        (when (and (= line 1) 
                   (coding-system-get buffer-file-coding-system :bom))
          (setq old-text (wgrep-string-replace-bom old-text buffer-file-coding-system))
          (when new-text
            (setq new-text (wgrep-string-replace-bom new-text buffer-file-coding-system))))
        (unless (string= old-text
                         (buffer-substring (line-beginning-position) (line-end-position)))
          (signal 'wgrep-error "Buffer was changed after grep."))
          (wgrep-replace-to-new-line new-text))
          ;; new-text nil means flush whole line.

(defun wgrep-replace-to-new-line (new-text)
  (delete-region (line-beginning-position) (line-end-position))
  (insert new-text)
  ;; hilight the changed line

;;Hack function
(defun wgrep-string-replace-bom (string cs)
  (let ((regexp (car (rassq (coding-system-base cs) auto-coding-regexp-alist)))
        ;; FIXME: `find-operation-coding-system' is not exactly correct.
        ;;        However almost case is ok like this bom function.
        ;;        ex: (let ((default-process-coding-system 'some-coding)) 
        ;;               (call-interactively 'grep))
        (grep-cs (or (find-operation-coding-system 'call-process grep-program)
    (if (and regexp 
             (setq str (encode-coding-string string grep-cs))
             (string-match regexp str))
        (substring str (match-end 0))

(defun wgrep-put-color-file ()
  "*Highlight the changed line of the file"
  (let ((ov (wgrep-make-overlay
    (overlay-put ov 'face 'wgrep-file-face)
    (overlay-put ov 'priority 0)
    (add-hook 'after-save-hook 'wgrep-after-save-hook nil t)
    (setq wgrep-file-overlays (cons ov wgrep-file-overlays))))

(defun wgrep-put-done-face (ov)
  (wgrep-set-face ov 'wgrep-done-face))

(defun wgrep-put-reject-face (ov message)
  (wgrep-set-face ov 'wgrep-reject-face message))

(defun wgrep-set-face (ov face &optional message)
  (overlay-put ov 'face face)
  (overlay-put ov 'priority 1)
  (overlay-put ov 'wgrep-reject-message message))

(defun wgrep-put-change-face (beg end)
    ;; looking-at destroy replace regexp..
      (forward-line 0)
      (let ((inhibit-it nil)
            header value origin ovs ov)
        (when (looking-at wgrep-line-file-regexp)
          ;; check file name point or not
          (setq inhibit-it (> (match-end 0) beg))
          (setq header (match-string-no-properties 0))
          (setq value (buffer-substring-no-properties 
                       (match-end 0) (line-end-position)))
          (unless inhibit-it
            (setq ovs (overlays-in (line-beginning-position) (line-end-position)))
            (while ovs
              (when (overlay-get (car ovs) 'wgrep-changed)
                (when (string= (overlay-get (car ovs) 'wgrep-original-value) value)
                  (setq wgrep-overlays (remove (car ovs) wgrep-overlays))
                  (delete-overlay (car ovs)))
                (setq inhibit-it t))
              (setq ovs (cdr ovs))))
          (unless inhibit-it
            (setq origin (wgrep-get-original-value header))
            (setq ov (wgrep-make-overlay
            (overlay-put ov 'wgrep-changed t)
            (overlay-put ov 'face 'wgrep-face)
            (overlay-put ov 'priority 0)
            (overlay-put ov 'wgrep-original-value origin)
            (setq wgrep-overlays (cons ov wgrep-overlays))))))))

(defun wgrep-to-grep-mode ()
  (kill-local-variable 'query-replace-skip-read-only)
  (remove-hook 'after-change-functions 'wgrep-after-change-function t)
  ;; do not remove `wgrep-maybe-echo-error-at-point' that display errors at point
  (use-local-map grep-mode-map)
  (set-buffer-modified-p nil)
  (setq buffer-undo-list nil)
  (setq buffer-read-only t))

(defun wgrep-changed-overlay-action (ov)
  (let (info)
    (if (eq (overlay-start ov) (overlay-end ov))
        ;; ignore removed line or removed overlay
      (goto-char (overlay-start ov))
       ((null (setq info (wgrep-get-line-info)))
        ;; ignore non grep result line.
        (let ((file (nth 0 info))
              (result-ov (nth 3 info)))
          (condition-case err
                (wgrep-apply-to-buffer (wgrep-get-file-buffer file) info
                                       (overlay-get ov 'wgrep-original-value))
                (wgrep-put-done-face result-ov)
             (wgrep-put-reject-face result-ov (cdr err))
             (wgrep-put-reject-face result-ov (prin1-to-string err))

(defun wgrep-finish-edit ()
  "Apply changed text to file buffers."
  (let ((count 0))
      (let ((not-yet (copy-seq wgrep-overlays)))
        (while wgrep-overlays
          (let ((ov (car wgrep-overlays)))
            (setq wgrep-overlays (cdr wgrep-overlays))
            (when (wgrep-changed-overlay-action ov)
              (delete-overlay ov)
              (setq not-yet (delq ov not-yet))
              (incf count))))
        ;; restore overlays
        (setq wgrep-overlays not-yet)))
    (let ((msg (format "(%d changed)" count)))
       ((null wgrep-overlays)
        (if (= count 0)
            (message "(No changes to be performed)")
          (message "Successfully finished. %s" msg)))
       ((= (length wgrep-overlays) 1)
        (message "There is unapplied change. %s" msg))
        (message "There are %d unapplied changes. %s" 
                 (length wgrep-overlays) msg))))))

(defun wgrep-exit ()
  "Return to `grep-mode'"
  (if (and (buffer-modified-p)
           (y-or-n-p (format "Buffer %s modified; save changes? "

(defun wgrep-abort-changes ()
  "Discard all changes and return to `grep-mode'"
  (wgrep-cleanup-overlays (point-min) (point-max))
  (message "Changes aborted"))

(defun wgrep-remove-change (beg end)
  "Remove color the region between BEG and END."
  (interactive "r")
  (wgrep-cleanup-overlays beg end)
  (setq mark-active nil))

(defun wgrep-remove-all-change ()
  "Remove color whole buffer."
  (wgrep-cleanup-overlays (point-min) (point-max)))

(defun wgrep-toggle-readonly-area ()
  "Toggle read-only area to remove whole line.

See the following example, you obviously don't want to edit first line.
If grep hit a lot of line, hard to edit the buffer.
After toggle to editable, you can call 
`delete-matching-lines', `delete-non-matching-lines'.

  (let ((modified (buffer-modified-p)))
    (wgrep-set-readonly-area (not wgrep-readonly-state))
    (set-buffer-modified-p modified)
    (if wgrep-readonly-state
        (message "Now **disable** to remove whole line.")
      (message "Now enable to remove whole line."))))

(defun wgrep-change-to-wgrep-mode ()
  "Change to wgrep mode. 

When huge *grep* buffer, freezing several minutes.
  (unless (eq major-mode 'grep-mode)
    (error "Not a grep buffer"))
  (unless (wgrep-process-exited-p)
    (error "Active process working"))
  (wgrep-set-readonly-area t)
  (set (make-local-variable 'query-replace-skip-read-only) t)
  (add-hook 'after-change-functions 'wgrep-after-change-function nil t)
  (add-hook 'post-command-hook 'wgrep-maybe-echo-error-at-point nil t)
  (use-local-map wgrep-mode-map)
  (setq buffer-read-only nil)
  (set-buffer-modified-p wgrep-overlays) ;; restore modified status
  (setq buffer-undo-list nil)
  (message "%s" (substitute-command-keys
                 "Press \\[wgrep-finish-edit] when finished \
or \\[wgrep-abort-changes] to abort changes.")))

(defun wgrep-save-all-buffers ()
  "Save buffers wgrep changed."
  (let ((count 0))
     (lambda (b)
       (with-current-buffer b
         (when (and (local-variable-p 'wgrep-file-overlays)
           (incf count))))
     ((= count 0)
      (message "No buffer is saved."))
     ((= count 1)
      (message "Buffer is saved."))
      (message "%d Buffers are saved." count)))))

(defun wgrep-flush-current-line ()
  "Flush current line and file buffer. Undo is disabled in this command.
This command result immediately reflect to file buffer, although not saved.
    (let ((inhibit-read-only t))
      (forward-line 0)
      (unless (looking-at wgrep-line-file-regexp)
        (error "Not a grep result"))
      (let* ((header (match-string-no-properties 0))
             (file (match-string-no-properties 1))
             (line (string-to-number (match-string wgrep-line-expression)))
             (origin (wgrep-get-original-value header))
             (info (wgrep-get-line-info t))
             (buffer (wgrep-get-file-buffer file)))
        (let ((inhibit-quit t))
          (when (wgrep-flush-apply-to-buffer buffer info origin)
            (wgrep-cleanup-overlays (line-beginning-position) (line-end-position))
            ;; disable undo and change *grep* buffer.
            (let ((buffer-undo-list t))
              (wgrep-after-delete-line file line))
            (with-current-buffer wgrep-each-other-buffer
              (let ((inhibit-read-only t))
                (wgrep-after-delete-line file line)))))))))

(defun wgrep-after-delete-line (filename delete-line)
    (let ((regexp (format "^%s\\(?::\\)\\([0-9]+\\)\\(?::\\)" (regexp-quote filename))))
      (while (not (eobp))
        (when (looking-at regexp)
          (let ((line (string-to-number (match-string 1)))
                (read-only (get-text-property (point) 'read-only)))
             ((= line delete-line)
              ;; for cloned buffer (flush same line number)
              (forward-line -1))
             ((> line delete-line)
              ;; down line number
              (let ((line-head (format "%s:%d:" filename (1- line))))
                (wgrep-set-readonly-property 0 (length line-head) read-only line-head)
                (replace-match line-head nil nil nil 0))))))
        (forward-line 1)))))

(defun wgrep-prepare-context ()
  (while (not (eobp))
     ((and (looking-at wgrep-line-file-regexp)
           (match-string-no-properties wgrep-line-expression))
      (let ((filename (match-string 1))
            (line (string-to-number (match-string wgrep-line-expression))))
        ;; delete backward and forward following options.
        ;; -A (--after-context) -B  (--before-context) -C (--context)
          (wgrep-prepare-context-while filename line nil))
        (wgrep-prepare-context-while filename line t)
        (forward-line -1)))
     ((looking-at "^--$")
      (forward-line -1)))
    (forward-line 1)))

(defun wgrep-delete-whole-line ()
   (line-beginning-position) (line-beginning-position 2)))

(defun wgrep-goto-first-found ()
  (goto-char (point-min))
  (when (re-search-forward "^Grep " nil t)
    ;; See `compilation-start'
    (forward-line 3)))

(defun wgrep-goto-end-of-found ()
  (goto-char (point-max))
  (re-search-backward "^Grep " nil t))

(defun wgrep-goto-line (line)
  (goto-char (point-min))
  (forward-line (1- line)))

;; -A -B -C output may be misunderstood and set read-only.
;; (ex: filename-20-2010/01/01 23:59:99)
(defun wgrep-prepare-context-while (filename line forward)
  (let ((diff (if forward 1 -1))
        next line-head)
    (setq next (+ diff line))
    (forward-line diff)
    (while (looking-at (format "^%s\\(-\\)%d\\(-\\)" filename next))
      (setq line-head (format "%s:%d:" filename next))
      (replace-match line-head nil nil nil 0)
      (forward-line diff)
      (setq next (+ diff next)))))

(defun wgrep-delete-region (min max)
  (remove-text-properties min max '(read-only) (current-buffer))
  (delete-region min max))

(defun wgrep-process-exited-p ()
  (let ((proc (get-buffer-process (current-buffer))))
    (or (null proc)
        (eq (process-status proc) 'exit))))

(defun wgrep-set-readonly-property (start end value &optional object)
  (put-text-property start end 'read-only value object)
  ;; This means grep header (filename and line num) that rear is editable text.
  ;; Header text length will always be greater than 2.
  (when (> end (1+ start))
    (add-text-properties (1- end) end '(rear-nonsticky t) object)))

(defun wgrep-prepare-to-edit ()
    (let ((inhibit-read-only t)
          after-change-functions buffer-read-only
          beg end)
      ;; Set read-only grep result header
      (setq beg (point-min))
      (setq end (point))
      (put-text-property beg end 'read-only t)
      ;; Set read-only grep result footer
      (setq beg (point))
      (setq end (point-max))
      (when beg
        (put-text-property beg end 'read-only t))

(defun wgrep-cleanup-overlays (beg end)
  (let ((ovs (overlays-in beg end)))
    (while ovs
      (when (overlay-get (car ovs) 'wgrep)
        (delete-overlay (car ovs)))
      (setq ovs (cdr ovs)))))

(defun wgrep-make-overlay (beg end)
  (let ((o (make-overlay beg end nil nil t)))
    (overlay-put o 'wgrep t)

(defun wgrep-clone-to-temp-buffer ()
  (let ((grepbuf (current-buffer))
        (tmpbuf (generate-new-buffer " *wgrep temp* ")))
    (setq wgrep-each-other-buffer tmpbuf)
    (add-hook 'kill-buffer-hook 'wgrep-cleanup-temp-buffer nil t)
    (append-to-buffer tmpbuf (point-min) (point-max))
    (with-current-buffer tmpbuf
      (setq wgrep-each-other-buffer grepbuf))

(defun wgrep-restore-from-temp-buffer ()
   ((and wgrep-each-other-buffer
         (buffer-live-p wgrep-each-other-buffer))
    (let ((grepbuf (current-buffer))
          (tmpbuf wgrep-each-other-buffer)
          (savedh (wgrep-current-header))
          (savedc (current-column))
          (savedp (point))
          (inhibit-read-only t)
      (with-current-buffer tmpbuf
        (append-to-buffer grepbuf (point-min) (point-max)))
      (goto-char (point-min))
      (or (and savedh
               (re-search-forward (concat "^" (regexp-quote savedh)) nil t)
               (move-to-column savedc))
          (goto-char (min (point-max) savedp)))
      (setq wgrep-overlays nil)))
    ;; non fatal error
    (message "Error! Saved buffer is unavailable."))))

(defun wgrep-cleanup-temp-buffer ()
  "Cleanup temp buffer in *grep* buffer."
  (when (memq major-mode '(grep-mode))
    (let ((grep-buffer (current-buffer)))
       (lambda (buf)
         (with-current-buffer buf
           (when (eq grep-buffer wgrep-each-other-buffer)
             (kill-buffer buf))))
    (setq wgrep-each-other-buffer nil)))

(defun wgrep-current-header ()
    (forward-line 0)
    (when (looking-at wgrep-line-file-regexp)
      (match-string-no-properties 0))))

(defun wgrep-get-original-value (header)
  (when (and wgrep-each-other-buffer
             (buffer-live-p wgrep-each-other-buffer))
    (with-current-buffer wgrep-each-other-buffer
      (goto-char (point-min))
      (when (re-search-forward (concat "^" (regexp-quote header)) nil t)
        (buffer-substring-no-properties (point) (line-end-position))))))

(defun wgrep-flush-pop-deleting-line ()
    (set-window-buffer (selected-window) (current-buffer))
    (sit-for 0.3)
    (sit-for 0.3)))

(defun wgrep-flush-apply-to-buffer (buffer info origin)
  (let ((ov (nth 3 info)))
    (condition-case err
          (wgrep-apply-to-buffer buffer info origin)
       (wgrep-put-reject-face ov (cdr err))
       (wgrep-put-reject-face ov (prin1-to-string err))

(provide 'wgrep)

;;; wgrep.el ends here