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              ;; starting at line 459:
		(format "%s" (or (nth 8 attrs) "??????????")
	      ;; (or (nth 1 attrs) 0)
	      ;; (or (let ((user (nth 2 attrs)))
	      ;;       (and (not numeric-uid-gid)
	      ;; 			user
	      ;; 			(eshell-substring
	      ;; 			 (if (numberp user)
	      ;; 				 (user-login-name user)
	      ;; 			   user) 8)))
	      ;;     (nth 2 attrs)
	      ;;     "")
	      ;; (or (let ((group (nth 3 attrs)))
	      ;;       (and (not numeric-uid-gid)
	      ;; 	    group
	      ;; 	    (eshell-substring
	      ;; 	     (if (numberp group)
	      ;; 		 (eshell-group-name group)
	      ;; 	       group) 8)))
	      ;;     (nth 3 attrs)
	      ;;     "")

Concerning directory-abbrev-alist: If there is a symbolic link in the file system, why do we need this translation table, should it not work even without it?

Concerning directory-abbrev-alist: Can it somehow be used on Windows XP (no symlinks)?

Some of these packages, including lslisp, do not seem to be in xemacs 21.4.17, at least. those of us trying to find a way to do --time-style = iso in xemacs find ourselves stymied by the way the dired code handles switches. is xemacs on the way out, at least for dired? – gambarimasu