Ecasound is a very flexible audio multichannel recording and mixing tool by KaiVehmanen.

Visit the Ecasound homepage for more information.

I am currently trying to write Emacs modes for the different Ecasound file formats, and for the ecasound Interactive Mode (ecasound -i) derived from comint-mode.

You can find the current version of what I have here:

ecasound.el – All ecasound related code finally collapsed into one file.

Long term aim of this project is making Emacs understand as much as possible of ecasound command syntax, to be able to provide generic and helpful completion functions and in the future, eventually base some wizards on the underlying data.

Alot of the above goals were met this week since I’ve written ECI support for ecasound.el. You can now complete all native effects and ladspa effects, and get help for their individual arguments simply by hitting tab. The wizard thing also works, you can do M-x ecasound-cop-add RET to interactively add a chainoperator for instance. As a bonus, you can now write ECI based applications in Emacs-lisp using ecasound.el, see functions eci-example and ecasound-normalize for examples on what this means.