This is a businesscard CD containing Emacs – ready to boot, including Linux, some tools, and X. It is based on LNX-BBC, a small rescue and debugging system on a businesscard CD – the same you get as your FSF membership card. You can get the 50MB ISO image; mailto:alex@emacswiki.org.

For the source code of the entire system (ie. not including the exact configuration used for the above image), check out the LNX-BBC site. This is also the site where you will find more information about the businesscard-sized CDs.

My build notes etc. can be found here:

Known problems:

  1. On the console, you can switch keymaps using ‘loadkeys’, but the output remains 7bit, so no German Umlauts. In Emacs, you can type umlauts using `C-x 8 “ o’ for example, or use input methods such as latin-1-prefix.


  1. Emacs 21.3 including input-methods, elisp sources and info files.
  2. Latin-1 fonts, Japanese fonts.