Hi Fridemar, and welcome to the Emacs Wiki. – AlexSchroeder

Looking for Wikimode+XEmacs I found this page. As I’m new to X/Emacs and I want a powerful local Wiki on my PC (with Internetbrowser). I consider to delve into the holy grail of X/Emacs (possibly for the rest of my life ;-). I need some encouragement to make the transition. As I need a local Wiki very urgently to work with, I’m a bit anxious to get prematurely involved into a deep study of X/Emacs how to install the wiki-mode. Which stable binary for W98 do you recommend? Where can I download the complete newest wiki-module? Is the installation well supported (such that we can use it straight from the shoulder, even if we aren’t familiar with the built-in programming language yet.) Has the community a helpful hand for a newcomer, who is humble enough, to show his anxiety. – FridemarPache

If all you need is a local wiki, consider downloading some Windows software. I know that at work one of my colleagues found a standalone executable which acts as a standalone wiki web server. That was quite some time ago. Good luck in hunting it down. – AlexSchroeder

Thank you for your light-speed answer. I’m glad that you are not angry with me, having plunged into the first best page I found. Thank you for relocating and answering. Yes I had a clone of a Perl Wiki, running under my local host. But that’s not my problem. I want an extensible wiki, imbedded in a rich environment and that is Emacs or XEmacs. I found your contribution: would you recommend Emacs20 or XEmacs21 as binary for now. Lisp is a very nice looking language. I consider to learn it as soon as time allows. My question is focussed on “ Could I start with it, without getting lost in the manuals, when incorporating your Wiki-mode module”. Fridemar

Emacs is a big thing if all you want is a local wiki. If you want a rich environment, Emacs is certainly a possible answer – for certain definitions of “rich”. If you want to extend Emacs and wiki mode using Lisp, then it is a good environment. I suggest you start with either XEmacs or Emacs, and stick to it for a while. Personally, I use Emacs 21.1 on Linux and Emacs 20.7 on Windows. – as

The need for a X/Emacs like environment stems from ideas round about MeatBall:WikiWeaving, where I left a backlink to this page. Thank you. Fridemar