My name is Ole Arndt and I use Emacs. Since I now maintain my website with EmacsWikiMode, it’s about time to join the EmacsWiki.

You find my homepage at http://sugarshark.com Sugarshark is the handle I usually use, in games and on IRC.

Things you find at my site:

Packages I use:

..for Java Programming, my day work:

…for communication

..for fun

Welcome on the Wiki ! :)
SachaChua here. Hey, you keep a journal on your site too. I use PlannerMode and remember.el to produce my journal at http://sacha.free.net.ph with a few keystrokes. It even does RSS feeds. Want to try it out? =)
I’m already using PlannerMode, sometimes. I got a copy of your EmacsWikiMode arch archive and will look into the new possibilities. As it is now, it is a little too public for me. I don’t want to show people my tasklist. If there was a way to seperate private and public entries it would be perfect. – OleArndt