This code has been abandoned by AlexSchroeder. Feel free to take over.

WikiMode gives you a hypertext authoring environment from within Emacs.

EmacsWikiMode has much more functionality. The only benefit WikiMode has is that it’s a MinorMode. EmacsWikiMode is a MajorMode. Sometimes it can be very handy to have a minor mode. A minor mode can be used while a different major mode is active.


WikiMode treats all text files in certain directories as wiki pages:

Words with mixed case are links you can follow. If a page with that name exists, you will be taken there. If such a does not exist, following the link will create a new page for you to fill. Links to non-existing pages have a `?’ appended so that you can see whether following the link will give you any informatin or not (such as SampleUndefinedPage). In order to follow a link, hit RET when point is on the link, or use mouse-2.

This makes linking to other pages extremely easy.

All of WikiMode it is customizable, of course. You can allways change the rules. You can allow HTML markup. You can change how the markup is translated into HTML. You can define new markup. You can translate the output into something other than HTML. You can change what the link pattern.

See the WikiModes for alternatives.

Page Summaries

The WikiSummary feature adds a meta description tag to all HTML pages and creates the SiteSummary page.

Private Pages and Wiki Projects

Should you want to use WikiMode for work to be published and for private notes, you must take care not to publish your private pages. WikiProjects helps you do that.

Page Language and Spelling

Use the WikiLanguage code to set the language attribute of your pages. There is some WikiSpell code to take advantage of this for ispell, too.

Extended Link Syntax

If you like the extended link syntax, there are two extensions you might want to look at.


If you want anchors in your wikis, take a look at WikiAnchor.

Producing Link Graphs

See WikiDot for lisp code that allows you to parse all wiki files and generate a dot file. The dot file can then be transformed into graphs by other tools.

BTW if anybody has managed to get good looking results with WikiDot (I haven’t for any nontrivial graphs), please publish the relevant parameters. – AlexSchroeder

Setup examples

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