CEDET is a collection of tools written with the end goal of creating an advanced development environment. Emacs already is a great environment for writing software, but there are additional areas that need improvement. Many new ideas for integrated environments have been developed in newer products, such as Microsoft’s Visual Studio environment. CEDET is a new project which brings together the various tools built to replicate these features.

The CEDET home page is

Check out the CEDET Quickstart.

Major Components of CEDET:

Small tools in cedet/common

External tools supported


Links to some comments, pictures etc

CEDET has changed very much and the development version is the preferred version to use. Bugs are mostly fixed rapidly by EricLudlam.

Another component of CEDET is “Senator”. Someone with better knowledge should delete this section and put description of Senator in the appropriate place.

Here’s a description of one function Senator provides and it’s use: senator-copy-tag - Puts a “tag” (an item definition) into a special “tag ring.”

How to enable the CEDET tools which were merged with Emacs

In Emacs 23.2, CEDET was merged into the main Emacs distribution. The configuration code which is explained in CEDET tutorials doesn’t work anymore. For instance you cannot use (semantic-load-enable-gaudy-code-helpers) to enable the useful features.

TODO: please explain what code you need to load the most useful IDE tools provided by CEDET

I got a basic configuration to work with the following in my .emacs:

(global-ede-mode 1)
(require 'semantic/sb)
(semantic-mode 1)