Enable the display of time in the modeline – add the following to your ~/.emacs:

    (display-time-mode 1)

display-time-format is the variable to control the format, and display-time-string-forms for the more complex requirements (such as InternetTime).

Controlling the Format of the Displayed Time

You can control the format of the displayed time by configuring these variables (see their respective documentation with `C-h v <variable-name> RET’):

display-time-day-and-date display-time-24hr-format display-time-format

Note that the former two have no effect, if ‘display-time-format’ is non-nil.

More Control

If you want even more control, you can alternatively configure the variable ‘display-time-string-forms’. This variable hold a list whose elements are either strings or Lisp expressions that should return a string, when evaluated. When Emacs updates the time in the modeline, it concatenates the resulting strings and displays them. Within that list you may use symbols like ‘24-hours’ or ‘minutes’ to refer to the current time. See the documentation of ‘display-time-string-forms’ for details.

Example: another face for the current time

My mode-line often tends to be a little bit cluttered, so I found my self searching for the current time. I found this to be annoying. Now I use the code below in my .emacs to make the time stand a little bit out, by putting the face ‘egoge-display-time’ on it.

 (defface egoge-display-time
   '((((type x w32 mac))
      ;; #060525 is the background colour of my default face.
      (:foreground "#060525" :inherit bold))
     (((type tty))
      (:foreground "blue")))
   "Face used to display the time in the mode line.")
 ;; This causes the current time in the mode line to be displayed in
 ;; `egoge-display-time-face' to make it stand out visually.
 (setq display-time-string-forms
       '((propertize (concat " " 24-hours ":" minutes " ")
 		    'face 'egoge-display-time)))

Biff functionality

Draw little red mail icon in the modeline near clock:

 ;; display-time-mode mail notification
 (defface display-time-mail-face '((t (:background "red")))
     "If display-time-use-mail-icon is non-nil, its background colour is that
      of this face. Should be distinct from mode-line. Note that this does not seem
      to affect display-time-mail-string as claimed.")
  display-time-mail-file "/var/mail/username"
  display-time-use-mail-icon t
  display-time-mail-face 'display-time-mail-face)
 (display-time-mode t)

I use F5 button to open mail reader. To hide mail icon immediately, this binding runs display-time-update.

 (global-set-key (kbd "<f5>") (lambda ()

Mail Notification

I use fetchmail to retrieve mail to a local mail spool and then use nnmail-split-fancy to filter to groups. It’s always annoyed me that my modeline would show new mail even if it’s something that would ultimately be junk. So, here’s a display-time-mail-function that will retrieve the new mail and then return t or nil if there is “important” new mail. This really all depends on group levels to work nicely.

 (setq gnus-important-group-level 1)
 (defun gnus-new-important-mail (&optional level)
  "Return t there is any new mail/news in groups at or below
  level LEVEL (defaults to gnus-important-group-level)."
  (or level (setq level gnus-important-group-level))
  (let ((newmail nil))
      (if (and (file-exists-p display-time-mail-file)
               (> (nth 7 (file-attributes display-time-mail-file)) 0))
          (gnus-group-get-new-news level))
      (switch-to-buffer gnus-group-buffer)
      (gnus-group-list-groups level)
      (let ((groups (gnus-group-listed-groups)) group)
        (while (setq group (pop groups))
          (unless newmail
            (gnus-group-goto-group group)
            (setq newmail (> (gnus-group-group-unread) 0)))))
      (gnus-group-list-groups gnus-level-subscribed))
 (setq display-time-mail-function 'gnus-new-important-mail)

I feel like I need to make some warnings here. There are several assumptions you should know about. First, it assumes that only nnml groups are at or below LEVEL. The reason for this is that other groups (like nnrss) are very expensive to gnus-group-get-new-news. Also, it’s assuming that “important” mail is mail in groups at or below LEVEL. Let me know what you think

 -- DougAlcorn

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