Everyone has their own dreams, and every emacser has an own operating system dream! – AndyStewart

What is Emacs Application Framework?

Emacs Application Framework is a development framework that developers can develop any PyQt program and integrate into Emacs.

This framework mainly implements three functions:

1. Integrate PyQt program window into Emacs Frame using Xlib Reparent technology

2. Listening to EAF buffer’s keyboard event flow and controlling the keyboard input of PyQt program via DBus IPC

3. Created a window compositer to make the PyQt program window adapt Emacs’s Window/Buffer design

Using this framework, you can use PyQt develop powerful graphics programs to extend Emacs

Some screenshots

Browser eaf-browser.png
Image Viewer eaf-imageviewer.png
Video Player eaf-videoplayer.png


1. Install python libraries (below commands use for archlinux)

sudo pacman -S python-xlib python-pyqt5 python-pymediainfo

2. Clone this repository and add below code in your ~/.emacs

(require ‘eaf)


M-x eaf-open

Such as,

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