A place for haiku of a decidedly Emacs bent.

 my dot emacs grows
 one day i look inside it
 emacs starts, i wait
 while the lisp libraries load
 never close emacs
 the sound of typing
 it can only mean one thing
 dot emacs expands
 beyond the dreams of
 avarice, gnu emacs is
 a hidden treasure
    -- LuisFernandes
 Oort is so awesome
 deuglifies Outlook crap
 `W k' rocks
     -- EdwardOConnor
 Great clouds overhead
 Tiny black birds rise and fall
 Snow covers Emacs
     -- AlexSchroeder
 hacking on Smyrno
 "error in process filter"
 something is b0rken
     -- EdwardOConnor
 treeless quiet field
 sudden bud: EmacsWiki
 now he{ar,re} the birds sing
     -- ttn
 an emacs user's
 fingers dance on the keyboard;
 a nerd pianist
     -- ErikBourget
 five syllables twice
 seven (*ELISP*) syllables here
 bad *EMACS* haiku
     -- BtTempleton
 (defun undos (buf)
   "DOS newlines are pathetic."
   (interactive "b")
   (replace-string "^M" "\n"))
     -- TreyBelew

And here is a fine selection by OliverScholz as posted to news:alt.religion.emacs:

                           The file was open.
                      flying in a sparrow stole
			    a parenthesis
                          The day went away.
                  The file still puts its weight on
                         the tired mode-line.
                           On a cloudy day
                   you hear the cons cells whisper:
                       "We are lost and gone."
                         A message, a string
		     remind me of my sweet love.
                        Good bye, my buffers.
                         Hot night in summer:
                   Hush, you quibbling characters!
                         Do not wake her up!
                         A bright, busy day.
                     The windows watch a thousand
                        wild cursors dancing.
                        Oh, why don't you are
                      a lake, a stream, a meadow
                         this morning, Emacs?
                       The friends chat gaily,
                    I stand up to join their talk.
                          My save-excursion.

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