Buttonizing is enabled by default (to disable it, use M-x customize-variable RET erc-modules).

ErcButton gives you the ability to “buttonize” text. Once a piece of text is buttonized, you can middle-click it or hit Enter on it to trigger the corresponding action. You can jump to the last button with C-c C-w C-b, and to the next button with C-c C-w C-f.


When you use erc-button-mode, URLs will be buttonized. Clicking on them will use BrowseUrl, so you’ll probably want to use the browser of your choice. Example:

    (setq browse-url-browser-function 'browse-url-galeon)

Nicknames are also highlighted. Basically, you can click on a nickname, and choose between the following actions: Msg, Whois, Op, Deop, and Kick. To register more actions, customize ‘erc-nick-popup-alist’.

Note that this only works if ‘erc-button-buttonize-nicks’ is t. – zeDek

Interlinks are URL abbreviations used on Wikis. Example: Emacs:ErcButton is an interlink, and “Emacs:” the abbreviation to the wiki URL.

The following interlinks are currently defined:

Files in this site’s ElispArea are linked: Lisp:filename.el

Google queries are linked: Google:mitre+report+dod.

RFCs are linked: RFC 822, RFC#822, RFC:822

Elisp symbols enclosed in a backquote and a quote, e.g. ‘load-path’.

Info nodes are linked: Info:”(emacs)Regexps”

Internet time: @500

To add more buttonization cases, customize ‘erc-button-alist’.

Typing Interlinks Using Abbrevs

Note that using Interlinks is bad for all other users without these customizations. Instead of using buttons for Interlinks on the receiving side (which is geeky and clever and shuts other people out), consider defining abbrevs on the sending side. Then Interlinks get expanded as you type, and the resulting URL is probably clickable in all IRC clients, Emacs or not.

Use M-x edit-abbrevs to enter the following one, after “(erc-mode-abbrev-table)”:

    "ewiki"   0   ""

This will allow you to type "ewiki?SandBox" and it will expand to the complete URL.

It would be easier to define a global abbrev, however. See AbbrevMode for more.