EliteSpeech (h4x0r!) has code to transform normal speech into elite (31337!) speech. We can use that for a little haxor output – useful when you are trapped with script kiddies on a channel. Remember to set the ‘h4x0r-unreadable’ variable to your favorite level. The default is 5.

    (add-hook 'erc-send-pre-hook 'erc-maybe-h4x0r)

    (define-minor-mode erc-h4x0r-mode
      "Toggle automatic usage of h4x0r code for everything you type in ERC.")

    (defun erc-maybe-h4x0r (ignore)
      "Change the text to h4x0r code, if `erc-h4x0r-mode' is non-nil."
      (when erc-h4x0r-mode
	  (insert str)
	  (setq str (buffer-string)))))

    (defun erc-h4x0r ()
      "Transform the buffer into h4x0r code."
      (h4x0r-region (point-min) (point-max)))

    (autoload 'h4x0r-region "h4x0r")

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