The normal operation of flymake allows the user to see the error message for a particular line by “hovering” the mouse over the line. This is inconvenient for people who try to use the keyboard for all input and for those who use the nox / no-window Emacs. FlymakeCursor was designed to address that: it displays the flymake error in the minibuffer region, when the cursor is placed on a line containing a flymake error.

This works in any language that flymake supports. Here’s an example of it working with flymake-for-javascript:

The original code apparently is available at flymake-cursor.el

It has since been modified to show the flymake error message in the minibuffer only after a delay. This prevents a distracting UI experience - messages quickly flashing up in the minibuffer and then disappearing - when a user cursors through a document that contains multiple flymake errors.

A similar capability is now available in nXhtml in the file util/flymakemsg.el).

The built-in package help-at-pt provides similar functionality, and also doesn’t clobber the minibuffer text. Example configuration:

     '(help-at-pt-timer-delay 0.9)
     '(help-at-pt-display-when-idle '(flymake-overlay)))

Note that this does not work with the latest Emacs (version >= 26). You can check this fork for using with latest flymake